Sunday, September 02, 2007

US Magazine

I picked up a copy of US magazine today. I figure I'm worth 1.99, and though I hate to admit it, I just love seeing what's going on with celebrities. After a terribly hot week with disappointing yard sale profits, balancing school shopping with some writing work I got, worrying about healthy meals and doctor appointments... scheduling babysitting trades and playdates and post office runs but making sure we only do one of these things a day to not overdue it and bla bla bla... it's just fun to read something mindless.

But here's what I want to know.

Is Brad and Jen checking in on Meno's bed and breakfast trip and wondering if she's doing okay with her impending empty nest?

Is Owen Wilson recovering by seeing the beautiful life reflected in Grace over at Suzie Q's place?

Is Hillary Clinton taking a break from her busy touring schedule to see if James', Ham's, Liv's kids and Gretchen's kids had a good first day of school in the education system she's trying to reform?

The answer is no.

Which is why I'm so glad I'm not famous. I love each and every one of you, mentioned and not.

But... just in case Orlando Bloom is reading this (who I just fell in love with last night after watching 45 minutes of Troy... Brad Pitt? Um, no.) here is my little mark on the world, taken this morning on the way to Papa's work to "feed da fish!"

Happy Labor Day, peeps. Now get off the computer and go make some memories! I plan to anyway. (That, and figure out how to blog roll and insert links once and for all. Ham sent me the info, now I have to actually read it.)


Elaine said...

Very interesting blog stuff. And I love your zany humour. Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. I am also interested that you write as I have finally got off my a.. and am halfway through my first novel. I am full of pride with added dollops of fear, frustration and panic but I've got over 200 pages done. Writing makes my insides feel sated.
I've put your site on my list to check out.

Lisa Elizabeth said...

Today I will work in my garden! for classes! Or....okay, well I guess the first step is getting dressed, huh.

freefalling said...

Yeee--ees... I can see how the Zoloft could come in handy.
I've just had a look through some of your posts and you are FULL ON!!
And you've got two kids!
Perhaps you'd like to come over for a rest and share one of my mental health days!

(Thanks for the supportive words over my way, - every single one of them helps).

Dapoppins said...

We did actually magange to make a few memories....

Dapoppins said...

ahhh yes. real life.

Susie Q said...

I am so glad I am not famous...except for that making oodles of money part but I swear I would give most of it away anyhoo.
I hope your Labor Day was memorable and sweet...and your organic melons were ripe and luscious. Oh, and that the ones you eat were too.

Oh, and Owen called. Grace spoke with him for an hour and told him to buck up. She had been through 5 times the crap he has and she thinks that life is pretty darn spiffy. He said he would try. She told him to try pretty durn hard.
Then she finished off with her now patented response, "Soooooo sweeeeet!"

Love edamame...even for breakfast! : )

Hugs to you all,

meno said...

I took your advice and got off thr computer yesterday. Thanks, it was fun.

liv said...

oh, but they should be reading all of us! (I have a client who brings me her 'used' People mags each week! Score!)

Gretchen said...

We had a great weekend--saw some baby bunnies, so it HAD to be great--and now are immersing ourselves in back to school. Word is: we're going to be okay.

You are amazing. case the paparazzo is wondering, we had burritos for dinner.

Mama P said...

Elaine - Glad I could make you smile. I enjoy your photos more than you know.

Lisa Elizabeth - I owe ya an email.

Freefalling - I try never to defend my posts. If you were having a crappy day, you're entitled. Makes the rest of the world feel like they're not alone is how I see it.

Dapoppins - Can't wait to read up on your memories. Did you finally score with Brian Denehey?

Meno - Memories are grand, but beyond thrilled your back in cyberspace.

Liv - Used People magazines. Heaven in 100 pages.

Gretchen - Homeschooling starts soon, right? Good luck! You'll do great. History Boy is lucky to have you.

JaniceNW said...

Do you have any idea how long it's been since Brad and Jen have been together? C'mon hollywood girl.;)