Saturday, March 01, 2008

Excuse me, I'm being witchy...

Wednesday was one of the best days ever. For the first time in a month, both kids were healthy and I could drop their cute little butts off at school. What would I do with five hours of uninterrupted alone time? I predictably ended up at my favorite thrift store, of course.

While perusing CDs, I came across a child's tale called "Baba Yaga". It's a Russian fairytale about a little girl named Vasalisa who, after being nice to a cat, a dog, a tree and a gate, is saved from the evil witch, Baba Yaga. It seemed perfect for my little Scooby Doo fan and fairy tale princess. It wasn't a traditionally marketed CD. No production house or fancy cover, but for $2.99, I could be a sport.

Let me tell you - it turned out to be an amazingly orchestrated tale with awesome sound effects. The witch, by far, was the best character on there. I kept listening to this actress cackle and howl and sing and thought, "Wow, there's a reason I write and don't act. I could NEVER do that. She is gooooood."

Cut to Thursday. I pull up to a friend's house in Pasadena. She is actually a woman who used to produce the show I wrote for. Think Barbie at 45. She became a mother for the third time a few years ago when her brother, before landing in jail, got a girl pregnant. Word on the street is that moms addicted to drugs aren't the best parents, so Barbie, an avid Scientologist, took over. She also recently got married. So now in addition to being a writer, producer, and new wife, she's a mom.

What is so interesting to me is that while we always liked each other, we probably wouldn't be hanging out if it weren't for her son. But motherhood is the equalizer. 5'3 barbie doll mom? 6'1 shellpy blogger? It's all the same when you're wiping ass.

So I show up, and say, "Pipsqueak, tell Barbie about the witch you're listening to in the car..." and before I can finish, Barbie says, "Baba Yaga?"

I couldn't believe it. "Yes! How did you know! That's so random!"

Barbie: "That's my best friend, Penny Wiggin's project. She made that 8 years ago when she was broke living in Hollywood."

Now is that a small world or what?

So of course, Barbie calls Pennie, who cackles into the phone for my kids, "Hellooo, little dumpling balllllls! Are you being good or do I need to eat you!!!!!!"

My kids, who will have a conversation with a washer/dryer, would not go near that phone. "Get her off!" they shrieked, running for cover under the birch tree.

Barbie and I laugh, then go on to compliment Penny, telling her that it is the best CD ever. It's true. So much talent! Penny is so thrilled. Now an actress doing very well at a Las Vegas vaudeville show, she's ecstatic to see that her early years were not wasted.

"Where did she find the cd?" she asked Barbie.

"At the bargains bin at the local Salvation Army!" Barbie answers.

That probably wasn't what Penny wanted to hear, but she was happy non the less. Hollywood gives you a thick skin that way.

Any whooo, how weird, and convoluted, is that story? I mean, is that a coincidence or what?

Besides that strangeness, I've been working a lot, babysitting in my off-hours for a few friends. I'm hoping to go on vacation later in the year, paint my walls, organize my closets, lose 5 pounds (really... gonnna knock it out this time) and spend more time with Rex. I'm also attempting to not computerize while I'm with the kids, and it's working out okay, but not perfectly. So far, though, they still love me and don't want to trade up for another mom. I mean, who else would drag their butts to Disneyland on a Tuesday and have more fun than them? Oh, let's not forget I'm going to re-do my look. Because I'm tired of the unibrow, stringy hair do. Worked for Sissy Spacek, but not for me.

I'm not an overachiever or anything, am I?

How are you all??????


His Girl said...

okay, that is the coolest coincidence ever!!!! so so so so fun!

glad you're back blogging! missed you!

Steph said...

Mama P! I've missed seeing you here! Neat story. Sounds like a CD I'll want to find.
BTW, I sent you a message via yahoo - just want to make sure it conveyed the super-positive, big-time good wishes, "you have a great approach" thoughts I've been thinking. I'd hate if it didn't come across that way. I worry, you know. Worrying runs in my family.... :)

momma's heart said...

I was missing your sweet and sassy blog. So glad to see this. Funny story.

I'm working on curbing the daytime computer thing as well. Isn't it amazing that it's so hard? It's not like it's chocolate or something we're trying to curb. I don't understand it.

Jenster said...

Only in LA! What a great story!!

liv said...

ugh. so jealous! just 5 pounds? i need to somehow manage 15.

did i mention i hate preproduction? and losing weight?

Ashley said...

What a fun story! I totally agree that motherhood is such a great equalizer. I don't really know any other moms my age, since most of my friends are just getting married or finishing up college at this point, but when I meet a mom, we can always find common ground.

I'm super curious about what show you used to write for - do you mind sharing?

Valerie said...

you? an overachiever? naaaaah.

Carolyn said...

Ha! That IS a massive coincidence. How cool. Baba Yaga, I love that name.

About typepad... yes, I love it! I wanted to change just because it gives you more options and in the future I want to have some sort of forum going. Maybe. I have a friend who does web design, so she created the fancy new site - it's still in progress, actually. She said it would be best to go with typepad, so I did. And it's great! The paying for it part is not so great, but oh well. :)

freefalling said...

High on my list of "goals for 2008" is to have a shower EVERY day!
Lofty heights, hey?

Your Baba Yaga story is THE coolest story, ever! I would like one of those (ie:cool story). Could you make one for me?!

Gretchen said...

Feelin' groovy up here. Great story.

It's about nap time, and I get my blonde put back on on Tue, so I'm all good. I'm leaning toward the Sissy Spacek look, too, so I better have some length taken off and a few current layers and soft bangs put in. Maybe they'll give me a tummy tuck while i'm there...a girl can dream.

ms chica said...

I like stories like this.

I'm glad you've been busy for all the right reasons ;)

meno said...

I love kids stories, especially with cackling witches.