Saturday, March 29, 2008

You've Got Hate Mail, Part 3

After finishing up a post on approval addiction for BabyCenter, I happened to check my Good Housekeeping site. I don't do that often, since their comments are kind of messed up and people have trouble posting. But... they have a new platform, and with it, comments are working. Which means all the crazies are coming out of the wood work!

Here's a super one that made me all warm and fuzzy right before bed. Who needs a bath after this:

The title: Is Living A Cliche Painful?
I'm female and I love watching Star Trek with my husband and numerous other "geeky" things. I deplore Meg Ryan movies and anything involving Julia Roberts (really, that woman should be stopped...intelligent women everywhere should take up a petition and get some sort of ballot initiative going). Some girls LIKE sex and LIKE video games and some of those naughty girls grow up to be naughty women who ready naughty comic books and Kurt Vonnegut and openly laugh at women who read AND/OR write for Good Housekeeping. But, I digress... Honestly, this post defies words. I'm sick of running into women who perpetuate tired stereotypes and try to turn the world into some strange neovictorian, Disneyfied nightmare where "soccer moms" and "nascar dads" really DO exist and breed legions of breathtakingly ignorant (yet somehow "honor roll"), squeaky clean children. Do you want a better sex life? Read banned books, question reality, enjoy your passions and hobbies without fear that they aren't "motherly" enough, free your mind from the box, and for once embrace the fleeting moments of your feable existance with a romp between the sheets.

Aren't people swell?

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* Photo of the best dessert on the planet. And by dessert, I don't mean the pie that goes in the crust. I mean just the crust. By itself. Mmmmmm... I might have gone through 2 in a 24 hour period. I think, like the crazies that comment on the other sites, it's best to stop counting calories after a while. Happy weekend!


Chris said...

Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one who ate plain crusts! My favorite, though, is the graham cracker. Oh my...I could eat one everyday! lol. I'm not alone...

Liza's Eyeview said...

Are people swell? Yes, they are! Or shall I say, "yes we are" :)

Enjoy the crust!

Monnik said...

My question is this: what the hell was that woman, who is so obviously better than Good Housekeeping's general demographic, doing on the GHK site in the first place?

I'm stoked to hear that comments are working now! :)

Jenster said...

Wow! She's a gem!

I love the crust, too! It's why I eat pie.

His Girl said...


Tell me this one didn't hurt you a bit. This bitter, nasty 'lady' needs a big dose of SHUT UP.

Hello, how hard is it to see that when writing about one's own life, that we are not obligated to change the story so we don't offend people whose lives are not the same or so that we don't 'perpetuate stereotypes'. Geesh.

By the way, her little episode didn't do a THING to dispel my current stereotype of HER people, either.

I beg you not to change one single thing about your writing style. You ARE speaking to and encouraging many of us out here!

*pie crust sounds good.*

meno said...

I've never eaten on of those pie crusts, but i will.

As for the mail.....whatever.

Steph said...

That there "lady" done used some fancy words, huh? But 'cept she spelled "feeble" wrong. So there.

You, though, Mama P, rock. Always.

sari said...

I just made a big batch of yummy brownies because I am all about the dessert.

And, today, I went to the arts festival and had a big candied apple with sprinkles all over it, and how nice is it that they cut it up for me in yummy bite size slices?

I'm going to be fat. Oh well.

sari said...

Hey - email me at thegeekinside(at)yahoo(dot)com

I want to email you a picture but your email isn't listed!

Greg said...

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capacious said...

Some people DON'T like sex or video games and there's nothing wrong with that either. People are individuals. Tolerance is key. I'm going to take my feable self off for a nap between my sheets. In my defense, I don't mind if my husband joins me but he's at work right now.

The crust is the only reason for pie. Sometimes the kids leave it on their plates and for whatever reason it just never makes it to the garbage. I wonder why I'm not losing weight? Help?

Gretchen said...

"Do you want a better sex life? Read banned books, question reality, enjoy your passions and hobbies without fear that they aren't "motherly" enough, free your mind from the box, and for once embrace the fleeting moments of your feable existance with a romp between the sheets."

Wow. I'll bet she's the life of the Tupperware party.


In other words, she could've just written, "It's all about me, me, me, and to heck with you."

Okie dokie.

Have another crust? Mmmmmmmmmmm


sari said...

I like video games.

I like crust.

Especially pizza crust, even though that doesn't count as a dessert.

pinks & blues girls said...

How much do you want to make a bet that that woman's husband is currently cheating on her? And probably with a "Disneyfied soccer mom" too. Ouch.

OK, I am off to question reality and free my mind from the box.

I wish J&J hadn't been too cheap to fly you out to NJ. I think we would have gotten along great.

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Ramblin' Red said...

Oh Mama P....

Ya know...I could actually see SOME of her points (not all of them, I mean what is wrong with Julia Roberts???). BUT, but, but - none of them had any place being directed at you. I know the type that she was directing her comments to, and you are so not it.

If it helps, I got IRL hate mail today....from a person I know. Lovely, huh?

Susie Q said...

Okay, first off, I LIKE Meg Ryan movies but then I also like breeding squeaky clean children and spelling feeble correctly.
Now, I have read quite a few banned books and it didn't help my sex life one bit. Wait...maybe Of Mice and Men helped a teensy bit.
And if you laugh at women who read or write for GH what the Hell does it say about you if you are commentng on the website? Some people...why I oughta...
Hell, she could find something better to laugh at me about than the fact that I read GH.
I have read Vonnegut but I still enjoy a good nap between my sheets as much as sex but then, I am very old. I will now go and spread my Disneyfied view of the in which 7 Dwarfs give foot rubs and pedicures, Cruella cleans my bathrooms and Pinocchio, well, Pinocchio does what he does best.

Now, feel better and know that we all love you. Phooey on her.



Terri said...

Geez....what a witch! She obviously reads your column, though.

What drives me crazy are people who get angry when their own lives are different then yours and to validate their choices they feel the need to slam yours. Amazing.

If you feel comfortable sending me an email addy I wanted to talk to you about something, Andrea. If not, that's o.k. If you are getting a lot of crazy people mail I wouldn't blame your for keeping your distance. We all kind of look alike out here in the cyber world and it's hard to tell sometimes! LOL

God bless!

Valerie said...

i totally love graham cracker crusts, too. which explains why my ass is called Tex-ass.