Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Help! My Husband is Cheating on Me!

Got ya with that title, didn't I?

I'm frustrated to hell with my email - who I can only refer to as my other husband as it supports me throughout the day with its general "how ya doin's" and '"what's up's" and never ending to-do list.

Also, like my other half, it sometimes decides to take a big stinky dump when I'm least expecting it. (Sorry, Mom, for the poop reference.)

As it turns out, I'm not getting some emails from folk, and some of it's not even showing up in my Outlook's spam. Nor my Google spam. Does the fabulous spam monster keep every note known to man about penis enlargement and "How to get bigger boobs in 3 days?" Sure. But notes from people I might actually care to hear from? Not so much.

Anyway, if you commented recently, and it's not showing up, nothing personal. I hope, like my busted walls and messy messy office, to fix it soon.

Meanwhile, may you delight in these photos of summer fun! Even though it's barely Spring in L.A.. But my kids, and the family dog, didn't know the difference. (Dog's name is Boo Boo, but my son calls him "Rover". Long story. And, like a poor step child, he spends most of his time with Grandma but occasionally does "sleepovers" here. When Rex is out of town, he stays more often. When the cat's away, the dog will play!)

Regarding the light, fluffy, California frolicking - some of you might want to kick my ass as you freeze your way through April. But my kids have a squirty octopus, a busted Slip N Slide, and a new 15.00 white rocker purchased at my favorite thrift store, and I'm so happy about it, I just don't care! Not that I'd get your wrathful email anyway with my computer as it is.

I also scored a Persian rug and a new couch - the total coming to less than 98 buck-a-roos! Yeah for me!

But my server is being trecherous and awful and sending my emails to other mommys instead of me, so boo for me.

But I'm an optimist, damnit, so I'm going to leave this on a good note! Um...... I don't have ear wax! I just cu-tipped!

Happy days. Even if I never hear from you again.

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Ashley said...

You're right - I totally hate you for those gorgeous outdoor pictures. I suppose it was my choice to live in MN, though. Besides, we got up to 40 today, which is considered shorts weather here.

Also, if you didn't get my comment for the second time on your last post, I saved it on my computer, so I'll just send it to you some other way...and this one too, I guess.

Steph said...

Oh, you are a wicked, wicked woman. As you can saw from the pictures I posted, you might as well be across the world from me. Well, I suppose you almost are! Your pictures seem so completely foreign (lovely!) that it doesn't even seem real. Sigh. It's snowing again here today. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to curl up in the fetal position somewhere and have a little cry.

His Girl said...

sorry your email is being so LAME! It's good to see your kids having such a good time- yesterday was such a beautiful day here in SoCal

can't wait until you're up and running again :)

Evenspor said...

I love the husband - e-mail analogy. We still have snow on the ground here. It's not that it's been snowing recently (well, not much). We had five foot drifts, and they're taking a long time to melt. I hope they finish melting by Easter so we can have our egg hunt.

Gretchen said...

I was wondering whether you had a dog, or if he was borrowed...

Enjoy your summer in spring, busted slip and slide and all. Is there a slip and slide out there that isn't broken?

momma's heart said...

What a beautiful lawn! You would think in moving to Ohio we would get a beautiful green, lush lawn. But no. When we bought the house there were grubs and even though we don't see them now, the lawn hasn't yet recovered.

I was thinking the same thing about the Governor. What was he thinking? I read that he was VERY ruthless as a NY State Attorney General. So much so that no one like(d)s him. Success can be very dangerous for some. He had high ideals at one time. Maybe too much success too soon? Made him feel infallible?

ms chica said...

Technology. Love it, or chisel a message in a stone tablet.

Susie Q said...

Are you trying to kill me with those pictures?? Ack. It is damp and cold here and raining and brown and gray and definitely not Spring like.

I wanna see the rug and couch!!!

Is that your doggie??? Name!! I need a name!!!

Those are the cutest kids ever...: )

I sent a couple of emails but they may have not gotten to you. Shall I re-send?? *smile*

Sue: who wants you to hug those munchkins for me