Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hitting My Target

Today was my day to write. Instead, I went to Target and bought bathroom accessories. I'm super productive that way.

I did, however, accomplish quite a bit of writing last week, so I don't feel that bad for my 300.00 shopping spree, or my lame excuse at attention deficit disorder. Of course, the queries I wrote have yet to pay off, and I suppose toilet paper holders, bathroom caddies and car seats don't exactly qualify as a "shopping spree", but I had fun, so let's just go with that.

Thanks to Rex, I can now brag that I have molding in my bathroom. I don't know what it is about carved wood that makes everything feel so elegant, but my philosophy is that poop surrounded by shabby chic white particle board somehow would be funky in a good way.

I have a new toilet.

Even more exciting, it works. Come over, sit, pee... see for yourself. It even flushes.

I have a new sink.

In a few days I will have those cute little faucets that say "hot" and "cold" (Preferably the temperature will be written in French. It might translate to LEFT HANDLE "fuck off" RIGHT HANDLE "dumb housewife" but, like my philosophy on molding, it still works).

I wish I could say that it's more important to write - cooking and home details be damn. But I get so excited about paint and beadboard that my left leg goes into a permanent tic.

To conclude, Pipsqueak turned to me this evening, after spending time at a friend's, and asked, "Mommy, we please stay five more minutes?" I am sure she was repeating Stink, who is given to five minute plea bargain tactics, but given she just turned two, it still freaks me out. Kinda like that two legged dog on Oprah the other day that could walk from place to place on its hind legs like a human: it's possible, but kind of eerie.

People tell me that "it's a girl thing". (Translation: Stop bragging - she ain't that brilliant.) Maybe so,but this aside, I fully expect her to turn to me on her third birthday and exclaim, "Mother, I find Dora so droll these days. I shall have a Motzart themed party next year."

My response? As long as it takes place in my beautiful new bathroom, let the symphony begin.

PS: Photo of Pip taken a month ago at a friend's party. She clearly has confidence issues.

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Teri M. said...

::sigh:: I lurve me Tar-gey.

Your kid? From what I can tell, she will totally be talking like that. Someday I'll tell the story of when my 4 yr old used the word "euthanized" at daycare.

Love that picture!