Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stink's Stinks

So Stink just came into my office, half dressed. He proceeds to hand me a wad of Scooby Doo underware and shorts.

Stink: These are a little wet.

Me: Oh, you had an accident? (Rare for him these days.) It happens.

Stink: Yeah.

He hugs me. I am touched and bury my head into his blond curls, still peppered with sand from our day the park.

Me: Oh, Stink, out of all the mommies in the whole world, and all the little boys, God put you and me together. Isn't that so wonderful?

Stink: (smiling) Yeah. (Then) Now wipe my butt.


meno said...

A beautiful moment.
Now back to reality.

Kids are great for that.

Teri M. said...


amisare waswerebeen said...

Thanks for the tater joke. Life needs a random joke and an occasional laugh.

Mandy Klevenski said...

LOL!!! Those tender moments make all my parenting labor worth while! Even if they only last a fleeting moment. :D