Thursday, August 24, 2006

Houston, We've Made Contact

I've decided I have nothing to lose by following through on a national magazine who showed some interest in one of my pitches a few months ago. Like that cute guy in highschool, I could sit home and dream about him, or grow some balls and ask him to the Christmas dance. Of course, the guy I asked out had barely any idea who I was and proceeded to show up with the most popular girl in the school while Texas Lizy, Mtn. Meg and myself dressed up as elves and took tickets. However, I KNEW he wasn't interested, so I could put that dream to rest.

So, I fired off a very casual email to the editor today. Not five minutes later, I got a very lovely response. Quite lengthy, too. She told me that there was indeed some interest in my background, but the editor in chief found my pitch to be pretty unexciting. However, they are going to revisit it on Monday, so she asked me to send her some new angles. In a second email, she asked what the ages of my kids were. The main editor wanted to know.

My point: this could lead to nothing. But it could be my big break. And you know what, people? With my days mostly full of changing diapers, cooking, cleaning and shoving Ebay in between naps, queries and phone calls, I'm pretty damn excited. It really is about the trip, not the destination. (Though that's scary, because everyone knows that trips of any kind freak me out and I haven't had a vacation in years.)

Let's just all go with the metaphor, wish me luck, and be generous with the internet condolences when everything goes to shit. That's the spirit, right?

And people, I am so darn impressed with all of you. New friends, old ones... you give me inspiration and encouragement. May all of you find your dreams, too. Like I just told Teri M, my goal is to be rejected by someone big at LEAST once a month. I wish the same for you.

(And don't forget me when you're more famous than Dooce. I love that website, but could there be any more hype about it? Sorry Heather B. I think you are actually a great writer, but so are a lot of amazing women I've met lately. (Check out Erin and Menoblog, One Tall Mama and more -their comments below this post). Of course I have no idea how to blog roll them, but give me time. We'll take over Blogher quicker than Tom Cruise at a Scientology rally.


Teri M. said...

Ack! I'm so excited for you... I'm praying and crossing all my fingers and toes. (And yes, that does make typing and walking a bit challenging.)
Thanks so much for your encouragement and I'm so inspired by you! Come Monday, I'm putting myself on the line! ::quaking::

Erin said...

Yay! That's fantastic news! I am one hundred percent rooting for you. My new goal is to get rejected by someone big once a month too. I think it's a fabulous idea. For now anyway, when all that rejection is in the abstract...

Anyway, I can't wait to hear what happens.

War Bride said...

Oooooooh good luck and/or break a leg and/or break a pen!