Saturday, August 12, 2006

Room With a Poo

Pipsqueak is making the transition from her current bedroom digs (the pack n play in the dining room) to her brother's room.

We had a false start when she excitedly fell asleep in her Dora bed once last week (Her actual bed is the trundle on the right - mine from when I was 12 during my Laura Ingalls Wilder phase. We put the mattress on the floor to eliminate rolls onto the hardwood. It also makes it easier for her to use it as a trampoline and land face first onto the yellow pillows. We're lucky that way.)

Since her first introduction to Stink's lair, there's been quite a bit of brotherly sister bonding. Quite a bit of giggling, talk about poo poo, and midnight trips to the bathroom. But no sleeping.

That's not true. Elmo's sleeping.


Anonymous said...

"tooooo cute" !

xxxx/gama tel

Anonymous said...

OK so the bed story is cute and all, but what I really want to know is - what's up with the huge Elmo doll face down on the floor, next to a pair of shorts?



KD in SF