Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Anxie-tee

So along with the other one million and forty three items I have in mind to create (and make my fortune), I think it would be fabulous to create a black tee shirt with the writing "My Anxie-tee".

I have no idea how I came up with that. Must have been divine inspiration.

People, I really am a normal person, but sometimes my brain gets going so fast that I can't see the forest for the trees. Like now... I'm typing 96 words/minute. My husband is sick on the couch. I just put the kids to sleep and fired off a letter to an editor. Why am I not in a bath tub, beer in hand, dreaming of sleep?

It's great to have ambition. It really is. But sometimes one needs to stop and smell the flowers. My problem? While I'm smelling the flowers I'm imagining a front porch. I'm then wondering how many Ebay items I'd need to sell to get that porch. And if I did make all that cash, is a porch really the best alternative? It's not like I'd ever sit still long enough to enjoy it.

I really am going to work on this. When my mind goes to negative places, I'm going to do what I tell Stink when someone is mean to him. "Don't sit and take it! Yell back!" So here I go: "No! Go away! Be quiet!"

Maybe a few thousand more times and I'll sleep.


Mandy Klevenski said...

Oh wow ... I didn't realize you were going to write a post about me today. LOL. Great idea about the Anxie-tee shirt, but unfortunately, I don't think anyone around me would need a written announcement on my chest to figure that one out. Yep, Meyers Briggs has me pegged as a thinker driver ... meaning I analyze everything to death and drive myself crazy and then under stress push some of the people closest to me into my little analysis anxiety fest which drives them crazy. Yes, my kingdom for a slow day. ;)

meno said...

I need an "Anti-anxie tee" to wear. Trying to sleep in the middle of the night is difficult with every problem, real and imagined swirling in a funnel cloud through my brain.

Toni said...

One of my favorite t-shirts ever had the same phrase repeating down the front: "I am not obsessive."

Would you design one for me, with a kind of faded/smudgy typewriter font, that simply reads "A smidgen less appealing" ? I'll blog about it later.