Friday, August 25, 2006

Unplanned Parenthood

This was a bizarre day that started with Stink projectile vomiting in a parking structure (luckily he did it in his car seat so I can be reminded of it for months to come.) I'd like to say that I intentionally packed the white shirt I was able to change him into for just such occurences, but I only had it because Mrs. V returned it to me yesterday from the day I kicked Stink out of Bible Camp. Praise God for small acts of fortune.

Post vomit was followed with a trip to McDonalds, the Santa Monica Pier, dropping off a friend at Planned Parenthood and then watching old Disney movies in Topanga T's cabin while I slept like the dead in her 200 thread count comforter.

I don't know much in life, but I know if a ride on a carosel can be combined with a good friend having a hoo-hoo tune up, anything in life is possible. (Especially fun was watching the looks on people's faces as my big double stroller rolled past all these freaked out women, most who were there to avoid exactly what I was pushing past them.)

Like I said, life is bizarre.

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