Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Inspirational Story

Any of you readers out there have an interesting story that you don't mind seeing in print? Perhaps you overcame adversity, or know someone who did? Think "The woman who lost her sight and now sees... The person who was broke but then an amazing meeting at a grocery store brought in a windfall of cash" as opposed to "The gal who got a Prada handbag on Ebay for a buck" or "The amazing powers of the Cheese Wheel." The second is inspirational, but not what the magazine is looking for.

How about a great animal story? Perhaps a dog story or cat rescue adventure where the animal saves you from a rolling boulder or avalanche? (Is this too much to ask?)

On other notes, Pip is snoozing, the rain is coming down, and I'm finally making some progress. Heaven!

I'm taking 3 hours to myself tomorrow and meeting my old tv partner. We're going to gossip, strategize, and stuff ourselves silly with tacos. I have a great movie... (here we go.. everyone in LA has a script... but I really do.) And it's just sitting here. And that's dumb. It's set in Texas. As it turns out, my sister's best friend is a big exec at CMT. Um... duh? Time to nepotize to materialize! Watch money appear before my eyes! Watch my thrift store purchases reach to the skies! Watch me celebrate with 1000 pies and get laser surgery for my eyes! Watch me get a personal trainer for my thighs and get animal cookies in every shape and size!

This wraps up our portion of Mama P poetry for the afternoon.

Send me your stories, people !!!!!!!!!!!!! Andrea.Paventi@gmail.com


bridethatwas said...

We have a book to write. Let's set up some goals!!!

War Bride said...

well, if you need a story about a girl who eloped at 18, has spent more of her relationship apart than together, and has attended four colleges in 2.5 years (and hasn't lost her mind yet.....she thinks), then I'm your girl.

Anything else? Not so much. All my other stories involve the fact that I'm quickly becoming a "cat lady."

Liza's Eyeview said...

I am not sure if this is something you're looking for, but here's something you can check out (the story of my son):