Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Meatballs con Zoloft

Ladies & Gentlemen, in an effort to stave off disease, I am going into kitchen detox this week before my major meal cooking. (I swear it's only my oven that looks that bad, but still... like a person... if the outside is pretty but the inside looks like crap, nothing is going to work.)

However, I present to you a meal plan for next week with the ingredients. Directions to follow on another post so you don't land face first with drool coming out of your mouth, your head permanently attached to the F10 key.

I am also thinking that, rather than being flaky, I am being creatively open to suggestions before I meal shop. Fire away with menus, tips and perhaps a joke here and there. But do it by Saturday, because by Sunday I might never enter a supermarket again.

Going along with my weekly theme, let me introduce:

Meat Monday – Hamburgers


Use either pre-sliced patties for total quick meal prep, or 1 pound of ground beef (or turkey… you can get it in the frozen section for 1.99)
I package of Lipton onion mix for flavoring
1 package of buns
Fresh tomatos
4 potatoes
Green salad
1 oinion

Taco Tuesday

Ingredients and prep together as I do it super simple

4 Roma tomatoes chopped
1 onion chopped
2 cups mozzarella cheese shredded
1 avocado (stick in blender or with spoon mush it with a pinch of salt)
Left over meat from yesterday with taco seasoning added or salsa
1 pack of taco shells (or for fancier tacos, you can put some olive oil in a pan and grill some corn tortillas)
1 can refried beans (My tip: I stick them in the cusinart which makes them super fluffy, but not necessary)
I small can sliced olives
1 cup of salsa

If you choose to, put some rice on the side and half a can of corn.

Whatever Wednesday

Some sort of casserole involving turkey meat and noodles. Any suggestions?

Tomato Thursday – Meatballs Con Zoloft

(Originally penned by Stella as “My Mom’s Italian Meatballs – the best ever.” This can also be referred to as Testy Balls as the directions make me laugh. "Make sure the balls are firm, but not too hard." Yes, I really am that juvenile.


2 pounds ground beef
1 pound ground pork (not sausage)
2 eggs, fork beaten
1 ½ pack of Saltine Crackers (they come 4 packs/box)
¾ cup evaporated milk
¾ cup grated Parmesan cheese
½ cup fresh chopped parsley, finely cut
1 clove minced garlic or teaspoon garlic powder
½ tsp dried oregano
1 level tsp dried basil
1 can Ragu

Frozen Friday - Pizza (or anything you want to buy premade)

Cardboard with mozzarella? Works for the day, keeps the scurvy away… proceed.

Sandwich Saturday – Meatball sandwiches

(if you have any left… otherwise grilled cheese with leftover shredded mozzarella from Taco Tuesday)

Add sliced Roma tomatoes and cook up some frozen veggies of your choice

Stew or Soup Sunday – Stella’s Lentil soup.

If you hate lentil soup, then this week you get to use a can of whatever. Or post a soup you like. But I promise, this is the best lentil I have ever tried. And that’s with me cooking it. (Some people use a crock pot for lentils but I don’t have a recipe and am too lazy to search it. I like it this way.)

If your kids won’t go for it, make eggs and throw in some broccoli, or get some canned character soup and sneak in some carrots.

* I like the idea of breakfast for dinner one night a week, too. I forget who suggested it, but it's a good one. And since Stink can make his own eggs now, he'd dig that.

Well, I'm off to sleep. Not only did I bust my tail bone a few weeks back bumper bowling (apparently when the sign says "Do not cross dotted line" you're actually supposed to follow it) but today I stubbed my toe. This combined with getting up at 5am to write queries that seem to be landing in cyberspace black holes, I have a lot of rejections to prepare for.

Pleasant dreams. May the smells of zoloft meatballs bring you great joy.


meno said...

Balls firm but not too hard!

Snickering like a 10 year old. Guess i am that juvenile too.

Pam said...

Breakfast for dinner is good, but I also like dinner for breakfast!
You made me hungry, off to the kitchen.
Thanks for letting me use your lovely photo.

Maggie said...

Ok, I have a couple of recipes you could try for the Whatever Wednesday turkey something meal.

If by turkey you mean turkey from the bone (as opposed to ground) then I love this recipe:

Turkey Pesto Casserole

or for ground turkey my family loves this one, though its not a casserole:

Turkey Apple Burgers

Both are delicious. And by the way I also wanted to mention that for many of my recipe needs - aside from my love of cookbooks, I adore this site: www.recipezaar.com - if you haven't been there check it out! Pronto! Any possible recipe you're looking for is there. And you can do searches on ingredients, prep time, kid pleasers, equipment (i.e. crockpot recipes) etc.

You've got quite a great plan here!

Good luck on your queries!

Mama P said...

Meno - Of course you laughed at my balls joke. If you did not, I would think you an imposter.

Pam - I hope you had a nice dinner, snack, or whatever your beautiful heart desires. Just don't paint a photo of it. With your skills, I'll be ruining my diet as I try to eat the monitor.

Maggie - You really are quite the cook, aren't you? Go on... brag... I can tell. I might email you on the side. Just to be, you know... domestic for a week. I like your ideas.

Maggie said...

Email away! If there is one thing I love talking about and doing its cooking. Its somewhere in the genes I think. Now if I could just be as interested in exercise and housecleaning...ha ha ha, right.