Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Meat Monday AKA Pork Dork

Thank you, K, for a delicious recipe. Despite almost cooking it for 10 hours on HIGH not low (I think I was the one who was high) it turned out very well. (For us, not the pig. Sorry, Charlotte.)

Speaking of Charlotte, do you think Julia Roberts ate ham sandwiches while doing the voiceover for Charlotte's Web? The answer would be more fascinating than bad celebrity hair days - and that includes Britney Spear's horizontal winks from her limo which, I never saw. Unlike the pop princess, I'm sure I'm not missing much.

Apple Pork Roast ala Crock Pot

4 pounds pork loin roast trimmed

1/4 cup apple juice

1 x salt to taste

3 tablespoons brown sugar

1 x pepper to taste

1 teaspoon ginger ground

6 each apples quartered

Rub roast with salt and pepper.

Brown pork roast under broiler to remove excess fat; drain well.

Place apple quarters in bottom of crockpot.

Place roast on top of apples. Combine apple juice, brown sugar, and ginger. Spoon over top surface of roast, moistening well. Cover and cook on Low setting for 10 hours or until done.


Tips in case directions confuse you, as they did me a bit.

Cutting an apple in fours is coring it, leaving skin on. They shrivel up into mushy balls of goodness later.

Mix your spices first, then put them on the chops.

The chops can have bones. And unlike my Diet Coke abstinence wagon, the meat is supposed to slide right off.

As you can see by the photo, (to go boxes courtesy of Stella's home closet clean out - I love them) by the time I scoured the meat for bones with the ferocity of a CSI investigator, the meat resembled that mall Chinese chicken they serve over rice. Not the best appearance, but ooooh so good. They'd be great over sandwiches.

Tonite was Taco Tuesday. Photos pretty apparent how I made them. (Except for the meat. Today I used turkey ground, but normally I cook chicken in the microwave, then shred it fine in a cuisinart. Finally, I add taco sauce in a pan. Less greasy than burger. And one more thing... I discovered that if I whip the refried beans in my Cusinart, they come out all "fluffy and really tasty". That's Mama P's acronym ala Rachael Ray's EVOO that spells the word: F.A.R.T. Given that they are beans, FART could stand for "Funny And Really True.")
Is it shocking I'm not writing for TV anymore? Susan, agent of wonder, do you not see the brilliance wasting away over the stove? Call me. Kiss kiss.

PS: I hear this is 'web delurker' week... which means all of you who read this drivel but don't comment need to come out of the shadows. Unless you're rapists or killers, in which case, you need to keep your shades drawn and enjoy your free recipes.


MommyHAM said...

So, tell me really, how long did you think to come up with a FART acronym that goes with beans??? ;-)

About spit my drink out at horizontal winks...my virgin eyes will never be the same...

And who does come up with these weeks? I had a post in November about "delurking week." Maybe it should be called, "arbitrary make me feel popular week," b/c really, isn't that what drives this need for people to delurk? (Hey, I'll admit it is for me!)

Slim said...

Hey Mama P.... Cecelia, Finn and I are wrapping up our NE visit with the folks but I felt obliged (this being delurker week and all) to chime in.

Keep up the good work... see you soon. Love the new bathroom BTW.

SueShap said...

I do see the brilliance wasting away, and believe me, if I had a place to put you on anything I would. But not for the FART joke, LOL. Anyway, I will give you a call tomorrow, or if not, you can call me, and I will give you my direct dial for the future. Hope you are well.

Mama P said...

Mommyham - Sadly, I can make fart references in less than 2 seconds. I'm proud to say that comes with experience.

Slim - Yeah! Good to hear from you! Happy Nebraska. I miss you guys. Your wife has gone into silent mode on me.

sueshap - Will call by end of week. You sound stressed out. We'll talk, dahlink.

Melessa said...

Mmm! Free recipes! I'm new here, but you read my blog so you know I'm not a psycho. At least, not a dangerous one. ;>)