Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Meeting is Canceled

I met Cecelia for lunch today. She kicked me in the ass about asking for what I need in all directions of my life. Then she paid the bill.

Tonight Mrs. V. confirmed Cecelia's agenda of Power to Mama P and signed up for a monthly Friday Mom's Who Drink night.

These are my two best friends.

These two women have never met.

Given both their Master degrees, iron will, organizational skills of Martha Beck and ability to shave down my bravado into the weak little pussy that it is really is, they never will. I would emerge from a girls' lunch unrecognizable, a woman with 90 hours a week to myself, trunk dividers and pressed under garments.

Like a kosher kitchen, these women shall never mix or may Yahwey smite me into Kibutz living without coffee.

(Love you gals!)

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Liza's Eyeview said...

Friends are precious. They make life easier. I'm glad you have those 2 wonderful women in your life.


Beautiful new photo of you :)