Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Something's Fishy

Tonight Rex made fish for us. I normally like his cooking, but this eve? Not so much. Sadly, the trout was about excited about the course as I was.

Lucky for me I had taught the kids how to make burritos earlier, so I snagged some left over cheese and chicken tortilla goodness after he left for his German lessons. (I can't get him to take a dance class, but his boss wants him to learn Deutch and suddenly he's running out the door quicker than Schwarzenegger cashing a Terminator paycheck. Maybe I just need a pair of high stockings and a corset, an invitation to an Octoberfest in hand? Beer and boobs - that'll get him dancing and shouting "danke Volkswagon!")

On other notes, it has been down right freeeeeezing around these parts. I know you East coasters have it much worse, and some Texans have been making noises about frozen ice. But holy buckets, batman, we Angelinos are just not used to it! How can we wear our fake tans with any semblance of modesty? "This old glow? I just got some sun shaking the frost bite off of my pool raft this morning." Right.

Well, I'm off to put the kids to bed. For the second time. I'm pretty strong normally about holding my ground when it comes to night time routines. But tonite I just knew Pip wasn't ready for sleep.
I told Rex that we couldn't put a princess in a new pair of Cinderella pjs and expect her to catch any beauty sleep. But the king disagreed. He wanted to eat his fish in peace.

Alas, there was no peace to be had as the princess jumped up and down on the joker's bed. So Rex finally gave up and went upstairs (while I dumped a bit more fish in the garbage) and came down with our little royalty. Rex gave me a "You were right, Queen Mama P" look and apologized to Pip for being too stern with her moments before. Then he laughed out loud when I coaxed Pip into hugging him, big eyed and wailing, "Oh, Papa, I'm just a giiiiiiirl!"

Moments later Rex left for studying. As he closed the door, I could have sworn he said, "I love you." Either that or, "I know you hated the fish." One or the other, they're both the truth.


cecelia said...

Omigod! Are those actual fish heads on the plates?? Um...GROSS! :-)

Maggie said...

We have a joke in our family. When the meal doesn't turn out, its taco night! (Burritos work well here too). Its just the easiest fall back plan.

I remember my princess nightgown that kept me up late. My grandmother had given it to me. There was a matching robe that went over it and it was frilly. It is physically impossible for a princess to sleep under such conditions.

meno said...

How funny! Our fallback meal is quesadillas.

Did he like the fish?

Don't ever get the princess a canopy bed, she'd never get to sleep.

Pam said...

The warmth of your family comes through in your writing. I love these stories.

Mama P said...

Cecelia - listen up you vegetarian freak - they are not FISH heads. They are fish spine with stinky meat. There's a difference.

Maggie - Re: "When the meal doesn't turn out, its taco night!" That makes me laugh. Because we actually have a consistent taco night for our meal. Because, you're right, it's hard to mess that up.

Meno - Yes, Rex liked the fish. To be truthful, what I hated about it was not so much the meat but the bones. Trout is very brittly and gafunky like.

Pam - I'm glad my stories can amuse someone. You remind me of my mom - very supportive and quick to laugh. Thanks for that.

War Bride said...

I think I've finally gotten immune to the cold. The 70-every-day plan spoiled the crap out of me, but today I was walking around outside wearing a sweater, and I had my pea coat unbuttoned. And I was okay. And it was like.....30. A couple years over my way and you'd be fine.

Mama P said...

You are a woman of ice my friend.

Liza's Eyeview said...

I like fish. I wish you live nearby so you can give me your leftovers :)