Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year Four Year Old

Today was my Scooby Doo's birthday. I'm uncertain if I'm more shocked that my first born is four or if I didn't cry. He has grown so much in the past few months alone - both physically (he's the size of a six year old) and emotionally ("It is not okay to whine for stuff, Mama, but we can cry when we're sad.") He's got the biggest heart of anyone in my family and funnier than hell. Half party boy, half lab rat, all warmth - he is truly an awesome person.

Perhaps the fact that I see him as a person now is why I'm not so emotional this year... I can cry all I want to, but he's not my baby anymore. He is a boy. His own unique human with likes and dislikes and hobbies and friends. I have no choice but to let him be just that.

Today we celebrated very low key with three other couples that Rex knows from his In and Out Burger days. All of us have kids now (all girls, but for Stink.) We did up a potluck, played computer games, ran around the yard, took a walk, painted and made a cake together. Five toddlers and chocolate? Um... pics to come later when I've dedusted the camera.

I had a nice holiday season, but I'm glad I put the Christmas stuff away today. Nice tidy boxes full of color and sparkle. Perhaps I'll be a vessel like that in 2007 - energy but togetherness combined.

Or maybe I'll just sit on my couch with my tenth cup of coffee and finish up "Mommies Who Drink" (Thanks, Cecelia. A good read.)

Happy New Year everyone!


meno said...

You had a baby on New Years? That's quite a way to start off a year.

Happy Birthday to your baby boy.

Pam said...

Wow, a New Year's babe! Happy Birthday to your wise, big hearted little guy.

MommyHAM said...

New Year's day babies are so cool imo, odd duck that I am. And Leap Day babes too...which LMNOB could have been had she been born just one year earlier, but then, that would have made me a college dropout, so really, it's not that big a deal! ;) LOL....I'm a dork, and that's ok.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Happy birthday to Stink!

Meanwhile, I've fallen behind on my reading. Who gives Caphalon to a young mom? Who has time for hand-washing anything? Bah. I say you stick some nice, plastic flowers in it for the next 18 years and call it "decoration" until you are retired and have time for things like that.

Mama P said...

Meno and Pam - Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'd tell him to come look for himself, but he'd only bug me to play

Mommyham - I think having a New Year's baby is fabulous. Except that it's hard to have the speech about how Christmas time is not about the gifts when six days later there's more cake and streamers.

Princess - Normally I'd agree with you on the pans. But I'm actually starting to like them. OMG!

SueShap said...

I didn't realize that his birthday was the day before Matilda's Belated Happy Birthday!! Hope you are well, and hanging in there, I know that is what I am doing barely.


amusing said...

You know, mine will be six in a few days and I thought I knew he was a boy, but we lost his favorite stuffed animal this week,the one I got him when he was two, right after his dad left and I made them come with me on a research trip to Central Park. It was like his whole babyhood had been lost. I started to cry a bit, and then told myself it was silly. Took me a while... (oh, and the Eldest found the squirrel eventually!)