Sunday, November 25, 2007

Funky Brewster to the Rescue!

Many of you know I've been bitching for 3 years about not working. So God bless you for celebrating my big windfall last month when I landed not one, but two blog gigs for national websites.
In the name of all things Diet and Cokey (um, I'm back on the juice, man) the stars were aligned, Mama P is getting some income, and neither my husband (nor you) have to hear the words, "If I don't get my brain thinking about something else besides gluten free pancake glue I'm going to go crazier than that time Anne Heche ditched Ellen and started psycho babbling at some rural home in Fresno.")

My point: I'm beyond elated for work and some income, but...


Almost more than my husband and Eric Bana. (Oh, I love all your choices in men from yesterday's post. I especially appreciated the Hugh Grant and Russell Crowe picks.)

At least once/week you can find me doing retail therapy at either Out of the Closet, Salvation Army, Good Will, or even the 99 Cent Store in a pinch. I pride myself on my kids' funky clothes - designer, yet practical. A rainbow striped Mork from Ork styled pair of tights for Pip? Will she love them? For 45 cents, I'll take the chance. (But if they were 85 cents, forget it. I'm not made of money, you know.)

Take the ski pants above. "I'll take vintage 1980's for 800 please!" I mean, check out the legs. Punky Brewster would be hard pressed to find anything more Valley Girl. The good news? They cost me a whopping $1.35. The bad news? I bought them when Pip was 1. They are a size 5. They have been sitting in my closet for 3 years - closets so small that the Ashley twins might not be able to store their clothes there. Not even during their anorexic stage.

I live in L.A.. Except for all my tv meetings of days gone by, or Lindsay Lohan's coke habits, there's not many snow jobs in my town.

After flipping a few other dollar ski suits for $10.00, I decided to check out Pip's. Size 110? What the heck is that? One Google hit and Ebay search later, I found that it's European sizing. And the brand name? Pure 1980's Austrian designer.
So, practical mama that I am, I swapped this suit for another non-brand name suit (You know... in case we make it to the mountains this year... and I give up Diet Coke for good and learn Mandarin Chinese.) And my fortune? It's up to $27 bucks baby! With 10 watchers!

Who wants to guess the final score? I say $47.42. The one who gets closest, without going over, gets an official medium sized "Desperate Housewives" crew tee shirt. I got it for $1.99, but it's worth about $19.99 on Ebay. I'm a saint for giving it up. (If any of you with blogs entitled "Good Enough for Now" think, "Oh, a sized medium would never fit" you must bid anyway. Because it will fit. Very very tightly in all the right places. I'm thinking some housewife won't be desperate that night. Wink wink, nudge nudge.)

PS: Liv, I threw out the plastic, sage burning, piece of ca-ca tiger you won. I figured with your new digs, you didn't need the new clutter. (AKA: I never got around to mailing it. But I PROMISE something else is coming your way. It is!)

The real point of this post: Can a real living replace my passion for thrifting and the thrill of Ebay? Stay tuned to find out. And, like big brother, I'll be watching you, too.

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Pam said...

Oh, I used to love to hit the thrift stores! Coming home with a silk, designer shirt for a dollar and fifty cents and two or three soft, plaid flannel shirts for my mountain man husband, for five bucks, would keep me happy for days!

As for eBay, I'm ashamed to say I've never been there. Is this a major faux pas?

amisare waswerebeen said...

That outfit is a good reason to move to the snowy regions.

meno said...

I guess $35.67.

I've never e-bayed either. And i'm staying far far away.

Dapoppins said...

How could you get rid of that wonderful work of wonder?

Mama P said...

So far Meno is winning by default. Are you telling me that all of you are just too good for kitschy tee shirts? d

Gretchen said...

Oh, i'm learning to love the thrifting. Big time. Too bad Big doesn't agree, and feels that for every piece of $h! mean treasure to enter the house, 2 must leave. When I'm a widow...I'll have the house of my dreams. Of course, i'm hoping that time is far away, and the house will have to be all on one floor with BIG floral patterns (so I can see them, u understand).

His Girl said...

I'm not too good! I'm calling 33.29.
I hope you are right, though! I'd rather you be richer than me have an awesome white elephant gift for my staff Christmas party at the church! hahah! I'd love to see one of the pastors get it! Ha ha ha!

Susie Q said...

I say 52.68 and I am sticking to it.
OH how I adore ebay. I now have the largest collection of Brian Dennehy memorabila in the freaking world!! Ahahahahahahhahha....and you thought I was crazy. Hmpf.

And I sell and I buy and I used to be one there way too much for my own good. But then, when did I ever care about my own good?

Does that snow suit come in my size?? I think it would be great this winter. Really! I love it! I wish Gracie could wear it!