Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Can't Believe It's Not Fabio! ... Wait, it IS FABIO!!!!

So ya'll know that I saw Matt LeBlanc at the grocery store yesterday.

Then, last night, I'm at dinner with Rex at Benihana's (this group seating style resaturant where the chef prepares the food at your table) and who walks in but the Italian king of romance novel covers himself... Fabio.

Unlike Matt LeBlanc who wore dark glasses, kept to himself, and had a 5:00 shadow, Fabio enters with a bright purple shirt with buttons open to the chest. His long hair was flowing and his muscles were bulging. He came with an entourage of folk, including a Naomi Campell-esque date who spent the evening nuzzling his shoulder and chatting up a mafia type man on their right. All that was missing from Fabio's sushi restaurant entrance was, "I can't believe it's not cooked tuna!"

Only in L.A..


meno said...

He looks like he's ready to administer some serious discipline in that picture.

Only in L.A.

liv said...

Oh yeah? Well, well...well, I was on two TV shows in the 90s...and and I was directed by Sam Waterston, and and I met Bono. Poo.

I always wanted to ask him if he really couldn't believe that it was not butter. heh.

you win.

His Girl said...

you, my friend (is it too soon to call you that?) CRACK ME UP!


thanks for the kindness :)

Pam said...

Girl, you crack me up! And as far as I am concerned, Fabio IS cooked tuna.

Jenster said...

Wow!!! First Joey, then Fabio. Who's next??

I ran into Bryan Brown in Palm Springs years ago. Literally. Ran into him with my grocery cart. Actually it was my MIL who ran into him. He was very nice about it. Does anybody even remember who he is??

Dapoppins said...

Well, i like Fabio, and I would know who he is. Or rather, I like to look at Fabio. How odl do you think he is, anyway?

Valerie said...

ah, the joy of living in So.Cal. my friends who live out of state assume i see celebs every.dang.day.

only the ones in the gutter.

i did, however, meet Booger from 'Revenge of the Nerds' once. and as a kid, i sat next to Mel Torme @ the circus when i won a contest naming me Queen of the Circus for that performance.
after my appearance in the parade i went back to my seat, and Mr. Torme said to me 'i had no idea i was sitting next to a celebrity. may i have your autograph?'

my 12 year old soul soared as it never had before.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Um, I just left you a comment, but then it told me blogger had an "error."

Let me know if you didn't get it, I'll come back and re-post!


Gretchen said...

Um...they're called man-boobs.

Monnik said...

Joey and Fabio in one week!?

Wow - you just don't see celebrities like that in Iowa. Well, except you do at the moment because of the campaigning going on. My MIL works with Barack Obama's campaign and is taking me to see Oprah on Saturday. That's as bigtime as it gets for a cornfed Iowa gal. :)

His Girl said...

Alright, Mama P.! You have my word. The very second my home is clean from top to bottom, I will jump in my car and head up to clean yours too! It would be a blast to hang out with you...
but don't hold your breath.... it's a long way coming!

Monnik said...

hey mama p! it's totally cool to link to me on your bc blog, i'm flattered!

Susie Q said...

OhmyGod. Fabio. Did you swoon?
*sly grin*
You make me giggle, spit Coke all over my computer screen and smile like I know some deep dark secret.

The comments you left on my blog today made me burst into tears but in a GOOD way! To have someone like you
say such encouraging things, well, I am so thankful. It is my dream to write, something, anything, that could be published someday. I have never really known where to begin.
Maybe, after the holidays and things quiet down for you, I could ask you some questions. Your time is so valuable so I would not take up too much of it I promise. Besides, we all need you to get out there and eyeball some more celebs for us.

Have a sweet weekend dear heart. You have made mine.


James said...

My roommate in Grad school's cousin is married to Booger from RotN.

The celeb factor is certainly much higher out there. In Austin, we have our fair share, but they tend to stick to themselves so if somebody sees one it travels FAST.....