Friday, November 02, 2007

Get a Peace of This!

Life has felt deliriously happy lately. Like the carnival wheel pictured, it's been dizzying with its round and round of kid needs, shopping, laundry, cooking, driving, but I'm never so happy as when the lights and whistles are blaring in full force. Add in some giggles - a little organ music - and you've got one happy Mama P. (Add in some kettle corn and I'd pass out in comatosed nirvana.)


Always a however... I am going to prevent a crash and burn situation by removing myself from the computer this weekend. A spinning wheel can be very exciting, but let the circle spiral too long and someone's gonna upchuck.

And it ain't going to me, because frankly, I have a clean home and car for once.

So until Monday, I'm off to enjoy some silence. Well, with kids, there's never silence. And this time manana my car and home will be more messed up than a hotel room after prom. But I'll take the chance. Because let's face it, my kids won't be swayed by a 3.00 carnival ride in a few years. I have to enjoy their innocent exhuberance while I can.
But hey, while I'm taking a break, if someone out there in cyberspace wants to invent a toddler straw for me to suck it all up I'd be forever grateful.

In closing, if any of you out there aren't feeling so good, let me remind you that for every down, there's an up. It is going to get better. Platitude, schmatitude... it's true what they say: That sometimes the stress helps us appreciate the peace. And sure, the ride down a mountain is easy, but the hike up is a bitch. I've been there. Better stated, I've been that bitch. But it's worth it.

And again, thank you to everyone who is so kind to read me like you do. It means more to me than I can express.


Anonymous said...

love this post and love this photo!
you rock.
jen gray

Blog Mama said...

Have a good weekend off. I should be doing that too, since my husband just got back from a week in India. But I'm participating in NaBloPoMo, so no rest for the weary:) Anyway, I gave you some love today:

liv said...

Happy Weekend to you! There's no outsourced child care for the weary in these parts, and unbelievably, it's okay!

Dapoppins said...

I need to do a Thankful post too instead of my usual whine about my lot in life post. I feel like that is all I have been doing lately.

Jenster said...

Hope your weekend has been fabulous! I wish someone would have invented that toddler straw you speak of years ago. But I'll offer you this. Sometimes I miss my "babies" and remember those precious times with misty eyes. But then I giggle and laugh and mess around with my teenagers and realize each phase has been just as precious.

Still, sometimes I can almost feel the panic coming on when I realize my time with them is fleeting.

Oy! I didn't mean to make such a melancholy reply. SORRY!

Pam said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend with your family and that the smile on your face matches that of your children's on the Ferris wheel.

Excellent post and you are so right to take it all in, every moment of it. The house and the car will wait, but your children won't. They are more yours now than they will ever be, so you need a VERY BIG straw!

Mama P said...

Jen Gray - the beautiful photo taking Jen Gray? I love your site. If it's a different Jen Gray, then I'm sure I'd like you, too, but since you don't have a website listed, I'm pretending you're this bitchin' photographer chick who is going to be famous.

Blog Mama - Thanks for the linky love.

Liv - You sound better. Yay!

Dapoppins - I'll be back to complaining quicker than Brittny Spears gets knocked up again. Have no doubt.

Jenster - You didn't make me meloncholy anymore than I already was when thinking those thoughts. Nice to know you understand.

Pam - You're right about the straw. If they can make them for Diet Coke, why can't they make them for my even greater addiction?