Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ave Maria

For those of you who live in the San Fernando Valley, let it be known that Maria's Italian Pizza Kitchen has Kids Eat Free night. While Stink and Pipsqueak were very good rugrats, neither of them ate their huge portion of corkscrew noodles, chicken and "little trees" (brocalli). Score for me because that's lunch tomorrow.

Got a ton of Ebaying done today, as well as finished the bookshelves, including hauling them upstairs myself (not advised with two toddlers underfoot. About as dumb as giving up caffeine, but alas, they're upstairs). I like the dressers, but they aren't a perfect match with the white ones I already have. I guess you can't have it all (but I'm sure going to try and make it better by repainting the walls and re-doing the borders... I'm on a kick)

The air was balmy and breezy - so much so that Rex and I, in addition to dinner (followed by fruit from Vons) took the kids for an extended walk. Everyone was so chipper and happy and full of good food. I almost felt like the cover of those Morman booklets where families skip and scream "gee, whiz, ain't life grand". Except I tend to use the F word. And Stink kept asking, courtesy of extended Scooby Doo viewings, if "we were going to Pompei to fight gladiators."

Off to put Pipsqueak to sleep in the dining room pack n' play. Who says that just because my kids technically share a room that she doesn't get her own space?

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