Monday, April 17, 2006

Sweetness Abounds

Thanks to the Easter bunny (who we left carrots for the night before) my chillins woke up to pink and blue basket extravaganzas. Let's just say breakfast consisted of lots of greens... in the form of jelly beans and Starburst.

I'm thinking that once in a while if a kid can't go loco on sugar, then why bother being a kid? Who doesn't remember going trick or treating (before the razor blade scares) with pillow cases? My friend, Topanga T, and I would spend hours on her yellow shag carpet, sweating out the details of the fair chocolate trade (you think the exchange rate for England is rough, try Halloween in the Valley, 1976): 2 Musketeers for 2 Milkey Ways. Almond Joy favored much worse due to coconut content, but for a few good years we were able to scam her younger brother: "Ooooh, Jo Jo, you can get TEN Almond Joys for only 5 of your Snickers".

We got our asses kicked a few seasons later when he realized that crappy Brachs butterscoth suckers were not equivalent to Reeses Pieces, especially during the E.T. years.

Perhaps I'm kidding myself. Maybe my kids will grow up with sugar addictions worse than my battle with Diet Coke. But I'm hanging my hat on the theory that, unlike so many American kids, they won't have food phobias and become anorexic since I'm not attaching emotional responses to either candy or vegetables. Brocalli is not a "good" food while taffy is a "sometimes" food. I won't be feeding them Frosted Flakes for breakfast every morning, but on Saturdays, we get waffles with syrup. Bring on the icecream on rainy days. And at a fancy restaurant, we will clink glasses filled to the brim with Shirley Temples and red cherries.

Worse case I'm wrong, thank God for dental insurance.

* Pictured: my kids during Easter basket coma, and post crashing.

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