Friday, April 28, 2006


If I were an animal these days I'd be a squirrel - Running around frantically, searching for nuts, chasing my tail, climbing trees, diving from bird poop and ducking cars. Just can't seem to find the right branch to lay my home, so I keep hopping from place to place. Anyone else have days like that?

Attempting to put this energy into something productive - hence 63 things up for Ebay, waiting on a few queries (one seemed positive, but then no word yet...), spring cleaning, ironing, bla bla bla. The only thing that could make this week more exciting is an extra load of laundry and some chicken pox.

Here's a shout out for the Mommy Wars - a great new book with 22 essays from the perspective of stay at home and working moms. Personally, this original concept of moms being mean is nothing new to me - it's a never-ending theme in ye old blog. I will say, however, this book is helping me define how I feel about working and motherhood, and here's my opinion for the record: Happy kids have happy moms. If that means working, hiring a nanny ten times cuter than you or an abuela grande from Guatemala that will teach your kids to roll tortillas and read Spanish, do it. If that means staying at home, growing vegetables and weaving your own diapers as your kid co-sleeps in the family hammock, fantastic. If it means working a minimum wage job to pay rent, getting up early and taking the bus, then getting a support group together so you don't go loco on your kids when your boyfriend promises money and then bails, do it. We all have different lots in life and there's no time to judge, cast sidewise glances or be envious.
I am sticking to my goal of working part time by September. I plan on volunteering one day to give single moms a break (and maybe help some moms get an education so they have their own wheels and aren't so deperate). And maybe, just maybe, I might even grow my own sunflowers.

As far as the family bed, I would rather watch a Barney marathon than have two toddlers between my husband and me. It's hard enough having sex with them next door, let alone in the sack with us.

All opinions are welcome. Just don't be judgemental or mean or I'll make fun of you on this blog. (I might not believe in being bitchy to other moms, but I can defend myself like a kick-ass karate instructor on zoloft - ka poooooow!)


Carmen said...

I was super keen on the family bed with kid #1, but by kid #6, I don't even want The Hubster in my bed, let alone any kids.

Found you from Toni's site....

Mama P said...

Clearly co-sleeping didn't affect your sex life. Thanks for checking in! I bet you have lots of great stories as a mom of six... where's your blog?