Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blue Woman Group

So I did my first query yesterday. I need to tweak it and have a few pros review it (thanks Toni and Mama P Light), but it's done. Of course the rethinking and editing go on and on. I suppose I'm a bit hesitant on this because you only get one shot to make a good impression. TV? Done that. Magazines? Argggi grewooeooww oooooyh. Don't know what the hell I'm doing. I suppose if in 21 months Pipsqueak can go from helpless blobby thing to walking, talking and shrieking "No kisses, Mommy! Push... OVER!" I can learn a new skill.

Speaking of new skills, I finally bought shelving and a toy chest for the kids' room. Since I couldn't find exactly what I wanted already painted (well, I found it, but I wasn't willing to shell out $1500.00 to the Pottery Barn), I optioned for the natural wood and painting it myself - a bright, royal, maritime blue. Thanks to Stink's help (who did the back) I not only ran out of paint, but it appears as if a smurf did a suicide bomb in my garage. For the $625.00 I spent, fingers crossed my project turns out more shabby chic and less tacky wacky.

10 days and still no Diet Coke. I'm considering putting an Osha-like sign on my front lawn, right next to our ADT warnning. You could drive to my house and see "This home is armed" and "10 Days Without a Diet Coke". As the days tick on, I will slash out the # with a black marker and add another.

It's not all gloom and doom without the soda. I've managed to enjoy to 3 cups of coffee a day. In fact, three seems to be the magic number for me. As in my religion (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). As in I wrote 3 shows my first season as a staff writer. As in I'm in the third phase of my writing career (two partners, now on my own). As in I've always wanted 3 kids. As in this furniture is going to need 3 coats of paint.

If three's the charm, then my dinners (being the third meal of the day) should be tasting fabulous any day now. Or night.

I have nothing else to say, except that my fixings are ready for Taco Tuesday. Hopefully the rugrats will still eat, since currently they are supposed to be making Easter crafts (thanks to Crafty K) and instead are ingesting Spree candy like a white bunny on speed.

Happy spring to you.

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War Bride said...

Happy spring, mama P!