Monday, April 24, 2006

Craig's Schtick

This town is so full of crap it’s not even funny. Check out this gig I found on – one of the leading sources of part time work in L.A.

“A filmmaker, I'd like to develop some short film projects with a taletned female screenwriter. I've shot two, have two more I'm tinkering with; now this may grate you, but, ideally, I'd like to date this writer. It's not a requirement, of course, but it would be nice to share my passion with someone. Pic for pic. Please live in LA"

This guy doesn’t have decent grammar and is looking to screw his writer. How much do you want to bet that some girl with stars in her eyes meets this guy, then posts to her site on Myspace “I’m dating a Hollywood producer!”

While it’s hard to be in your mid-30’s, mother and try to write tv in this town, I’d take my qualifications any day of the week.

Speaking of, my first magazine query is out the door. Wish me luck.

If it turns out I’m writing to the guy above, it’s all over.

(Since the time it has taken to post this, I got a positive response from an editor at a major parenting magazine asking me to revise some thoughts and re-send it again... not bad! But no chickens hatching yet. I've been down this path before.)

Final note: is a pretty valuable website if you're looking to sell or buy things (furniture, random jobs). They have listings for every major U.S. city. Of course, it's also an asset for people in the porn biz, the sexy massage seekers and the part-time nanny/maid/actor/macrame artist. Bottom line: It's my version of an online garage sale - you gotta enjoy sifting through the crap to find the treasures.


bridethatwas said...

As always I wish you the best of luck with your writing endeavors. If you get a gig for the parenting magazine and need a photo to accompany the article you know who to call.

Hope you and the fam are well. Missed you at Passover.

Teri M. said...

Creepy men abound in SoCal, no? And creepier still, he's got the cajones to advertise his creepiness. (How many times can I fit some form of "creepy" into this comment? ;-))

Kick a$$ on the literate scene, girl. We all know you can.