Friday, April 07, 2006

Cheesy Bread

When you're caffeine deprived and your kids need lunch, it's time to break out into song. Here's a sampling of what happened in our household today. Don't expect the Pantages to run this production any time soon.

Me: (gesticulating wildly) Everyone sing "I want some cheesy bread!"

Stink: "I want some cheesy bread!"

Me: "I want my cheesy bread!"

Stink: "I want my cheesy bread!"

Me: "Cause if I don't get my cheesy bread I'm gonna get the cheesy bread bluuuuuuuuues...."

Repeat for toddler stimulation and goofy reminder to self that you are, indeed, not being paid for such artisitic endeavors...

Big bridge...

Me: "Slap the cheese on sour dough....

Shut the microwave door hard...

Wait for it to beep....

And do not worry about the carbs because...

You need the cheesy bread..."

Stink: "I need the cheesy bread"

Me: "You need the cheesy bread"

Stink: "I need the cheesy bread"

Me: "And if you don't get that hot-pipin'-gooey-I-likey-likey-doughy-morsel-calories-can kiss my mama's-bootie-you're gonna get the cheesy bread bluuuuuuuueeees"

Nothing but nutrition and mayhem in the Mama P establishment.

Did I mention it's time I start looking for part-time work?

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Teri M. said...

I think I'd pay to see that! LOL