Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter / Happy Passover

For those of you who celebrate Easter, have a wonderful one, full of new beginnings and new life. For those who pass around the matza, Happy Pesach! For you, God, if you're listening, I'm going to cover my butt in both religions and ask you to help my baby magazine writing career to hatch... may I not be Pass-ed-Over!

It's a rainy day today. Rex is making eggs. The kids are negotiating who gets the blue blocks for the big castle being erected in the tv room. As for me... I'm happily sipping my morning Yuban, as well as enjoying the prospect of quite a few Ebay sales from my deluge of posts yesterday.

It's amazing what can get done when you don't have the blues. Any of you mamas out there with very low ambition or will to get anything done... it doesn't have to be like that. Go talk to someone. If you had a bad back, you'd go to a chiropractor. Same for your brain. Not saying to go pop pills any time you have a small cry... but if it's consistent... it wouldn't hurt to get a little something something to get you through. Some of us are blessed with high brain happy cells... some of us low... For the ones with the low, there's no shame in getting a little help. Like Brittny Spears and Kevin Federline... think of how much happier she'd be if she'd look at someone squarely in the eye and get some advice. (Though depression is a bit easier... no pill can erase that dumb man from the planet)

Looking over my posts, it's clear to me I have no political references or anything brilliant to say about our culture in general. I live in a mama bubble and it's time to change that.

Give me a week or so and let me dwell in my caffeine induced, zoloft high before I turn on the news and get depressed again.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me, G.H., on the day after Easter.

I hope you'll make a special effort each day to keep up your spirits. Life's too short to spend your daytime hours feeling mired or frustrated.

I've been on this earth much longer than you have -- enough to realize people pretty much choose their level of happiness.

So, I suggest you opt to function in as positive an environment for yourself as you can make it. Staying home to raise young children can seem like a long tunnel, but through the experience you'll find you progress emotionally even as they grow physically.

Enjoy your lovely children while you can. The fact is, you ARE where you want to be.