Sunday, April 02, 2006

Some Weekend Highlites

1. We don't yet have shelving for toys, but we have a life sized painting light that could double as #5's stand-in for Short Circuit 3
2. Pipsqueak has taken to wearing hats. And phones. She can now be officially referred to as 'Yo, Peep squeak'
3. Stinker is officially over his week long cold. I am sad to see the whining, midnight wake-ups and snot fiesta go away, but I'll live with it
4. Our tv room is tipping toward less construction zone, more toward livable area. The dust is dissipating. Rumor has it that it ran away to Mexico with Stinker's phlem and is very happy in a one room hut.
5. Perhaps most shocking: I am 3 days Diet Coke free. At some point I expect to see the Virgin Mary appear in my coffee. If she's drinking a Diet Coke, I'm switching to Pepsi. And becoming a Hindu.
6. I have been successful at not only cooking healthy meals, but not causing harm to my intestines in the process. Turns out my corner Arco is closing for "upgrades" but personally, I think they've experienced a profits slump due to my abstinence from caffeinated beverages.
7. I found out that my old boss's new pilot was picked up, starring Wayne Brady. I am once again plagued with feelings of wanting to write TV again, but not wanting to leave my kids for 70 hour weeks... but wanting to be fulfilled... but not wanting a nanny running my home... I am determined to find my niche with writing... one that works for my life, not my ego. (I think I even believe this. I'll let you know when I run into other moms at my preschool that are going to the best doctors thanks to their Sag and WGA insurance and I'm picking prescriptions at Kaiser... which is a great place... so why do I even care? Ego. Like Tim said "I guess that's just the cowboy in me")
8. I have found relaxing not as difficult as I thought it would be. I can actually sit still without redecorating, reorganizing or re-anythinging. But after 2 minutes, I gotta get up and stretch.
9. I have discovered that having a maid is not a cure-all for any persisting neruosis that are flipping through my whacked out brain. Still, like an issue of Real Simple, it makes the clutter look so much prettier thanks to the neat packaging. Note to self: Pitch story idea to home decorating magazines: Panic attacks are so much cuter in polka dots!
10. I am realizing, through silence, that I really love my life. That all my pushing and striving and over thinking might get me some perks, but if I just had what I have this very moment, it's just fine with me.

Well almost.

If it were perfect there'd be nothing to write about, now would there?

Rex, if you're reading... I love you! Thanks for this life you help me build. Now stop reading and finish the damn living room.

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