Monday, October 30, 2006

Hey, Duck You


I was thrown off my Ebay roll this evening (11 new items listed - woo hoo!) by the sounds of Pipsqueak crying. I padded into the room, careful not to awake Stink, and scooped a whimpering rugrat into my arms. Breaking all my rules about milk after 11, I filled up a bottle and lay on the couch with her, listening to her little heart beat next to mine.

With the twinkle of purple and orange Halloween lights winking through the windows, my heart overflowed with love for this fireball diva. How can someone so young be so sure of what she wants? And how on earth will I console her when the inevitable happens and she's left broken hearted?

I wanted time to freeze. I wanted my little shrew, for once asleep and tame, uttlerly peaceful, to be implanted in my soul forever.

So I grabbed the camera.

And this is what I captured: A sleeping princess with the look of an irritated frog.

Clearly Pipsqueaks have no need for sentimentality.

But the joke's on her... 'cause that just makes me love her more.


meno said...

They are all so lovable, when they are asleep.:) I miss the moments when my baby would sleep on me.

Auntie Jude said...


Pip is totally loveable, as is her Mama.

Mama P said...

Thanks Aunt Jude. I know how loveable I am (and modest) but it's always nice to hear. Will check out your site again tomorrow.

Meno - I'm taking your approach of responding to people in their comments. So here's your response. Yay!