Sunday, October 22, 2006

Time Out

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Not last week but the week before
My kids had me pounding my fists on the floor

Time out on the rug, time out on the stairs
Little Mama P was pulling her hair

After several more tugs and quite a few yanks
I started to threaten with whackety whack spank

(All you lovey dovey peace folk, or attachment parent kind
Go 'head - condemn me - but I was losing my mind)

After yelling for hours (even at Mom in law)
I decided to cool it and have some guffaws

The kid are young once, that goes for me as well
So I told anal moi to "Please go to hell"

Rex and I hit a pumpkin patch and then went to dinner
Pizza, brownies and lattes... the results were not thinner

But we had a few laughs...We even took time
To let the kids run and all turned out fine

Why this post is in verse I simply can't say
But after all the crazyness out the way

A little perspective sure does feel nice
Now only if the pumpkin patch sold that fabulous time out device! (seen in photo above)


meno said...

Ha ha! That was awesome. And you can construct your own time-out device using only a roll of duct tape.

Glad you have your perspective back.

Teri M. said...

Funny lady!