Friday, October 06, 2006

I Need a Vacation from my Vacation

Left Wednesday at 1PM for San Diego with girlfriend.

Kids slept the whole way down to Oceanside.

Unloaded a warehouse full of supplies, including, but not limited to: 1 Scooby Pillow, 1 Dora Pillow, 1 duck blanket, 1 star blanket ("tar" blanket "dat Tella made"), 1 Snoopy, 1 Baby, 1 Pack N Play, 1 portable DVD player, 10002 DVDs (None that did not include animation), 1 suitcase, all my friend's bags and 140000 fruit roll-ups. Did I unload Mac makeup bag? Oh, no... I like looking like a dried up Irish washer woman at a St. Patty's fiesta.

Reminded kids ten times that we don't strip neeeked on the time share balcony.

Proceeded to thrill them with wonders of the murphy bed that goes up and down in the wall.

Swam until bodies turned into the size of a six foot 1 prune.

Ate pizza.

Ate more pizza.

Drank coffee.

Drank more coffee.

Got the kids hooked on strawberry banana crystal lite blended on ice.

Watched Shrek 3000 times.

Crashed at midnite.

Woke up to fighting over who gets to press the On button on the fireplace.

Prevented 3rd degree burns by taking two trips in the double stroller with luggage to car.

Met college friend at beach in Mission Bay. Proceeded to swim in ocean until Pip's diaper resembled the wraps on a Sumi wrestler.

Picked up my traveling companion at the Santa Fe train station who had the fine state of mind to relax in the timeshare as opposed to having a poopy explosion in a bagel shop on the way to meet college friend.

Got lost trying to find relatives' apartment across from Balboa Park.

Ate. Terrorized their dwelling. Played at park.

Gassed up at Mobil in La Jolla where I had strange memories of my first husband filling up the Jeep Cherokee while I wondered if being in love with someone else but being married to him was such a great idea.

Conquered spinning brain with packs of Oreos, Nutter Butters and powedered doughnuts.

Called Rex on cell phone and made him pretend to be a doctor as Stink complained his belly hurt and lobbied for the doc to open his office for him.

Stopped at Denny's where Stink made me take off his shirt so he could dry heave on sidewalk.

Got them safely in their bed only to be woken by coughing, gagging and general unhappiness about being in their warm safe beds and not in the hotel with the lumpy murphy cot.

Did all this within 30 hours.

This morning I cleaned house. Cleaned car. Shopped at Costco where I bought 172.00 worth of healthy food (in an attempt to detox and put Sara Lee out of busniess) and inherited a friend's son for the evening.

Please tell me where the stop button is?

And even more important, tell me why I can't wait to do this again? I had a blast.

What is wrong with me?


Teri M. said...

Forgot to tell Teri that you would be in town. ::AHEM::


Just reading this post made me exhausted!

Mandy Klevenski said...

No kidding! Trying to take kids anywhere fun has a definite element of exhaustion. Often partly due to the remarkable ungratefulness in the midst of a whole bunch of effort to show them a good time. But when they do actually have a blast, it is so worth the rewarding feeling. ;) So glad you had a great day!

Georgia said...

SO glad I found your blog! Have no idea how it happened, but got a great laugh outta it and I'll be back.

Georgia said...

I came back for seconds...and laughed all over again. Oh, you do remind me of the 'good ole days' of parenting....but I don't think I had the wonderful ability to write about it (or enjoy it) like you seem to!