Tuesday, October 31, 2006

You Really Thought You'd Escape the Photos?


Happy Haunting!!!!!!!!!!!! (A friend in the middle) Posted by Picasa


Erin said...

So cute. I hope they acquired tons of candy!

Auntie Jude said...

Now see...if kids like *these* came to my door, I'd never feel the need to answer it naked or dressed as an Amish albino-Ms-Universe-Wanna-Be (that would be the tiara).

I think I may need to return to LA; I think the fog and rain may be getting to me...

Mama P said...

Erin - I can't wait to see your pics. Did you dress up the dog?

Auntie Jude - My aunt really is a kick. And you, my friend... how funny are you? If you actually dressed up naked to give away candy, I'd not only steer my kids toward your place, I'd bring a camera. I just don't know if I'd want them eating your candy. Bush and M * Ms...ummmmm... no.

auntie jude said...

How funny am I? Oh lord...

For the real story, go here:

This was an experiment in online improv. It began as a CD I and my siblings created for our mother's birthday...the Forrester Saga. Family members were given fictitious names and placed in a strange and wonky world, Marysville. Everyone liked it so much, I decided it needed to expand...onto the 'net! And created Reflux: Marysville on Acid. Before long, people outside the family moved in and set up characters. The online play was hilarious...risqué and wonderful.

Jerri (my younger sister) and I are presently working on a serialized novel based on the site. Reflux is fairly inactive now...after our mother died last year, I just couldn't bring myself to channel Edna May (I play Ms. Hurley, along with "Jude", her minder; also the Fouquette brothers, Heiny, Heathcliff and Harcourt, high-flying circus midgets). It may be revived one day...we'll see.

Anyway...this is me. As Edna would say: "Here, dear, have a cup of chamomile tea laced with lithium. It'll help you acclimate."

PS A side note: I was thrilled when Damian J. Holbrook (of TV Guide Soap fame), whose limpid prose inspired Edna May actually contacted us, inquiring about the site, and asked for a copy of the CD. He was great.