Monday, October 23, 2006

Shades of Grey.

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Rex is a black and white techno person. Computer: Turn on, turn off, fix virus, shut down.

I'm a grey artsy gal: Turn on computer, grab ringing phone, grab cup of coffee, do the dishes while I talk and drink, set down coffee somewhere but don't remember, plop down at desk and wave a la-golden-retriever-puppy at the mail man and, while collapsing in my swivel chair, knock over coffee cup with right breast, spilling cold java on my keyboard. Frustrating as it is, I can always count on my little black sheep to herd the keys back into working order for his forgetful bo-peep.

Being as flexible as I am with various situations, no one is more surprised than I am to be irritated by my daughter's grey tooth (seen in photos above). I think it's from a spill she took on a coffee table (always back to the coffee) but I can't be sure. She just woke up and there it was. It's worse than the photos shows. I am going to the dentist tomorrow, and either they are going to pull it or I'll have to live with it for the next five years until it falls out.

I know that it could have been worse. She has her health... She's not in pain... I can save 14.95 on a toddler witch costume (or send her as a go-go dancer who hit a pole thanks to Kate's fabulous retro sunglasses. Thanks for the care package!) Rex has commented on several occasions that he'd love her to pieces if she were toothless with a bowl haircut. That's pretty grey of him, and very ironic, given he has the face of a god (Shut up, K, I know he's your geek brother, but he's gorgeous, so deal with it.

While my heart sees all this unconditional affection bubbling over in a big pot of love on the Mama P gas grill, my vanity is a horrific cook who, when the heat gets too much, will leave the flame in full burn mode and walk away for a Diet coke. Yes, unlike my grey heart, Chef Vanity is blacker than the bottom of the doomed soup pan.

I can't wait until Pip is 3 and cuts off her hair with the training scissors. At least her pink glasses will rock the new look. Posted by Picasa


K said...

how about white out?

by the way..I L-O=V-E Hasslehoff!

War Bride said...

She looks just like you!!!! Love the shades.

Toni said...

That may be congenital; Jackson has 2 lower teeth that are yellow, and therefore make him look like he never brushes. The dentist says that his perm. teeth may also be yellow, and he can try to whiten them. The likely culprit: I had the flu while pregnant with him. I also had a gray front tooth, so apparently it's hereditary, too (my perm. teeth were not).

Kate Dana said...

She looks faaabulous in my old specs! I knew she would. Don't sweat the grey tooth. Every other part of her is so beautiful! Oh and I still cut my own hair with training scissors sometimes. ;-)

Auntie Jude said...

She's adorable, Mama've good reason to be proud.

Teri M. said...

HI (I'm catching up and I've forgotten where I left off when I flaked out.)

Just wait til she's 13 and cuts off her long, gorgeous blonde hair and dyes it black and pink.