Monday, April 23, 2007

Dancing with the 'Tars

That's how "star" is pronounced in our household - at least by our two little celebrities.

My mom hooked me on the show, and let's just say my next fun adventure is to take a dance class. Unfortunately my husband looks about as good on the dance floor as he does in Pip's latest sunglasses (given to Papa for a few moments only because they weren't pink), but I'm aiming to move my booty like the rest of them. I know a few people who signed up for twice a week classes. Since I can barely shave twice a week, I'll stick to a few classes per year.

Regarding the last post, I am always surprised when I elicit emotional reactions. This just goes to show that women don't get a break enough - especially moms. And while it's great if we have husbands that instinctually know how to nurture us, most of us live in reality with good men who are a bit clueless in the "relaxation" department. This means we must do it for ourselves when we can - no guilt!

Ladies, who's with me to vow at least ONE night in 2007 at a hotel - with or without the hubby? I for one sent out two more queries today, so I'm going to make it happen at some point.

And for everyone else, let's start thinking of ways to treat ourselves. When we do, don't we love the people that we're with so much more? I know I do.


Pam said...

Women get so involved in the nurturing of family that we forget to do the same for ourselves. Our husbands love us and are, as you say, good people. But most of them are a bit clueless, bless them.

Time off, once in awhile, recharges our batteries and makes us feel the way we are usually making them feel. No guilt!

As for dancing, you go! Great idea. I'm lucky, my husband is an excellent dancer and we used to cut a mean rug.

Princess in Galoshes said...

I believe in dropping hints. I so need a night in a hotel (with a big bathtub) more than another bathrobe or book.

Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and Tuesdays are great times to indulge. :-)

Maggie said...

I'm in. I've already told my husband that by hook or crook I've decided to go to blogher and have myself a rejuvenation weekend! So thanks for the nudge in the right direction. You and Meno both got me moving towards something I desparately need.