Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lost and Found

I cleaned out my office drawer just now. According to my file system, nobody but Pip has had any doctor appointments - and her last one was on her birthday in 2004. The files show that she was a girl and had a decent apgar test. Yeah!

I'd like to hang up my list of fun summer activities, but there's no bulletin board to do so. I'd like to file some of my recipes, but there's nary a folder to be found.

My corner scrapbooking station upstairs resembles a dumping ground for odds and ends of "to be organized" material - all necessary, but still without a home. Kind of a tent city for memories. I think there's a sign buried under the curtains to be hung also. It reads: "Will Blog For Cash."

Speaking of, I will be a bit quiet on the blogging front while I take care of some stuff for myself. But I'll be back, with some stories of fun trinkets I uncover, no doubt.

Will it be a Scooby Doo Valentine? A fossil in my backyard dating back to 300 BC? A vision of Mary in my Yuban morning coffee? A love note from Rex? A gig for Parents magazine? A reason why I have a panic attack during a completely lovely dinner with friends mid week on a Wednesday?

Am I insane? Am I tired? Am I simply a mother on the edge?

A little of everything no doubt.

But tonite? With a little pizza in my belly, some thrifting under my belt, and a husband doing the dishes, I'm calmer than I've been in a week. Life is good.

Happy week to everyone. Thanks for checking in.


Maggie said...

You're children are aliens!

Pam said...

"A tent city for memories," I like that analogy and have a few of my own.

Your kids remind me of something in those "things" but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Take care, Mama P.

liv said...

"Am I insane? Am I tired? Am I simply a mother on the edge?"

I relate. I'd like to just sigh and say a collective "yes."

made the meno jump! happy day to you!