Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Tough Egg to Crack

Why, yes, it is 12:53am - Easter morning.

Me? Shop for last minute baskets? I think not. The baskets I had. I simply had to make a mad dash for filler. Disney nail polish, Dora clips and a few pink rabbits for the princess. Snoopy toothpaste, Spiderman socks and some blue accessories for the Stinker.

Speaking of mad dashes, and basket... cases... guess who stopped at the Kaiser pharamacy for a little something for me for Easter? If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of the season ringing through your computer... "Hoppity hop hop... hoppity hop hop... Zoloft's on its way..."

I ran a race against genetics and genetics won. But it's better to see the fog roll in and do something about it then show up at the Easter Parade with a toilet cover for a hat.

Happy Spring!


Pam said...

Happy Easter, Mama P. I agree, better to beat the fog before it has a hold.

Great Easter baskets, we go for less candy and cool stuff, too.

gr said...

Happy Easter mama P!

amisare waswerebeen said...

I was doing the baskets at about the same time last night. Happy Easter.

Mama P said...

Pam - I thank you for your constant support. I'm fine. Just being proactive.

GR - I've enjoyed your site and your links. Thanks.

Amisare - I thought of you in church today. I know you go, so I hope it was nice. Mine was good... as good a long Catholic mass can be with two kids running around the crying room. More tomorrow.

hamiam said...

MamaP, you being proactive translates into being the best and most thoughtful mama your kids could have!

Funny the parallel lives we lead, b/c I too thought about stopping by doc to renew my script "just in case" while we are dealing with overwhelming stress trying to get LMNOB the care she needs. I'm doing ok with St. John's Wort right now, but if Charlie Brown doesn't straighten up, I am going to need something a little stronger to take the edge off while we weather that storm. And I'm ok with that (the meds part, not the Charlie Brown part!)