Thursday, February 23, 2006

The 10 Commandments

Was talking to Topanga T this afternoon, and we had some divine inspiration about men needing lists. We happened across it due to a conversation regarding resumes, dieting, speed boats and the divine inspiration of BC's big player - Moses. Here's a guy who had to drag immense stone tablets down a hill admist desert heat and bad hair. Yet, despite the sweat, muscle, and quite a few rumors about a toe stubbing incident (prompting him to scream like a little pharoh girl "son of a b---!") these tablets contained 10 directions that are widely revered to this day.

If followed implicitly, there would be no war, no adultery, no jealousy, and - leading to my final point - no marital strife.

If Moses had a list and all mankind benefited, does it not make sense for our husbands to follow one, too? Lest you need more proof, just look more closely at the word "commandment" - take out the "t" - and what you end up with is "Command Men."

As far as Moses' toe stubbing incident, the jury is still out.

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