Friday, February 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home Depot

It's interesting the stories that people have to tell. It is also fascinating that, if you take the time to find out about them, how wonderful your service can be. Even in those big warehouse chain stores. For example, in coordinating an estimate for the big Linoleum vs. Tile Debate, I found out the following:

- Cheryl favors in-store visitor requests over phone requests. " I have time for slothful look-y-loos... They can get their ass in the store just like you did sweetie." Just try to piss her off and her pointed acrylic nail will click you off quicker than the Dukes of Hazzard lasted in theatres.
- Venicia (pronounced Ven-E-See-Ya) has been married for over twenty years, but at one point was seperated from her lazy husband and moved to San Diego. During that time, he had a girlfriend and had a baby. Now Venezia and her husband are reunited, but she's raising his baby, who is now 4, along with their biological children, 13 and 17. She is moving back to San Diego this month, her husband is still a lazy ass, but she doesn't want to leave him for fear of losing his/her son.Venezia is Mexican, but doesn't speak Spanish. Apparently the migrant workers out front give her the evil eye but she doesn't care. I informed her that I thought she was a bitch, but didn't care if she could cut me a good deal. She liked that.
- Katie is on a diet, thanks to her mom's nutritionist friend, and lost six pounds this week. She also managed to secure me 2 free 18 x 18 tiles when normally you have to buy the whole case. She's checking on their arrival as I type this.
- There's a lesbian gal named Pat, who is slow to smile. I finally mentioned I liked her hair, and that perked her right up. (I shouldn't say she's gay. I'm just guessing with the husky voice, Doc Martins, and penchant for wearing men's 5.0.1's. While flipping through laminate squares, I also overheard her cell phone conversation "I love you, Jennifer. Can't wait to see you". Could be her mother, but I'm thinking not.)

Who have you met today?

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