Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Ground Floor

The gr0und floor is the theme of the day for several reasons:

- Home Depot came by to measure our third world linoleum/tile/wood floor demolition. I found myself apologizing profusely to Dhardi Rakazizi for my kids in diapers and balled up rag rugs near the bathroom. Then I looked outside and saw his beat up Toyota Corolla and felt like an idiot.
- We must decide between tile / vinyl or pergo and then work our way up to walls and sinks (depending of course on if we need to mortgage the rugrats to lay our marble masterpiece)
- I have not exercised properly in over a month, and it's starting to show, so it's back to the basics... walk the sidewalks each day. No excuses.
- I miss dancing. As in on a beautiful wood dance floor with a strong partner and lovely ball room music. (Or a tacky bar floor with a drunk old leech and my husband laughing in the background. Whatever.)
- I want to put the pedal to the metal and floor it all the way to Vegas. I'm ready to dance, drink, eat and take in a show (Of course this means get to the hotel by 9, have half a glass of Merlot, puke in the toilet, and crash on top of the hotel quilt, ensuring I get some funky illness, but you get the idea.)
- I am dying to go to a floor show of any kind - the type they have in L.A. where the whole convention center is full to the brim with products for any time of lifestyle... The Boat Expo! I don't own a boat, or like water sports of any kind, but it's still fun to check out the cute little compartments inside the yachts. "Oooooh, with checked curtains and a coffee maker, wouldn't this be the cuuuuuuutest writing spot?"....The Baby Expo! "No, we're not having any more kids, but look at this pee pee tee pee... it goes over your little squirt's squirter for quick changes without golden showers. Oh, Rex, we should have another just for that! We can collect them in all colors and display them on a shelf above the crib. Like beer bottles."
- New furniture - as in floor closeouts. And I'm not talking Wickes (though their stuff is underrated and sometimes not bad)... I'm talking close-outs at Macy's where I can get fabulous new bedroom furniture for under a dollar (and yes, I have clearly hit my head on my floorboards and am living in Delusion Land)

Bottom line, I'm ready to break up my routine and have some fun. Mamam P is ready to party. People, clear the floor!

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