Monday, February 13, 2006

Home Sweet Home Depot, Part Deux

Like I said, be nice to the hourly workers, you get great service. As in...

This morning, 8:30am. Knock knock knock. I open the door and it's a Fed Ex man. I am thinking it's a computer doo hickey for Rex, but he says "Surprise, it's for you for a change." (Yes, Mr. Fed Ex is friendly with me, too. Ironic, since normally I have major altercations in front of post offices. Hmmm.)

My point: I take it into the kitchen and Stink squeals,"Mama! Mama! A present for me! A present for me!" Then I tell him it's for me, so he shrieks,"Mama! Mama! A present for you! A present for yooooooou! Let's open it!"

And so we do. There on the floorboards. With the trash overflowing and Pipsqueak demanding a bottle from the other room and the phone ringing off the hook.

And he hands me two items, proclaiming, "It's a yellow square! And a brooooown square! Ooooh, amarillo and cafe!"

And then I start to cry. Not because Stink remembered a few palabras espanoles, but because I have not been forgotten this Valentines season - Kelly, who has since lost an extra pound, sent me tile samples, special delivery.

Let's not forget that kindness to people we don't know can often pay off in spades. Or hearts. Or in my particular case, squares. Which will be turned on their sides as diamonds.

Ain't life sparkly?

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bridethatwas said...

So true. I had to have my front brake pads changed. They did it and they were squeeking. I brought it back visit #2 and they did some adjusting. Good for a day then squeeking again. Brought it back visit #3 they sanded them and rotated them. OK STILL squeeked. They couldn't figure it out or my ears had a hearing problem. I brought it back, visit #4 and they gave me new pads. NEVER did they complain, call me crazy or write me off. They were always patient, welcoming and willing to fix the problem. All business should be that way. I just wrote a thank you to tell them that.