Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Love Wendy

I am going on the record by stating that Wendy's is the best place on the planet for quick lunches. For $2.99 you can get kid's meal: hamburger, chicken sticks or cheeseburger, a frostie, fries or oranges, and a drink. The kids get the meat and the fruit, I get the Diet Coke and frostie, and everyone wins. Mrs. V. has already been converted. Who's next?

Like our Vice President, I would like to apologize to the American blogging public for taking four days to get in touch with you. After accidentally shooting myself in the foot for setting up a walking date with friends and leaving my double stroller at home, I haven't been in my right mind and needed a few days of alone time while I assessed my personal situation and then went public with my error.

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