Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Heart Breaking Kangaroos

Tonite Pipsqueak cried and cried when Papa took her from my arms for their night night routine. "Maaaaaaaam! Maaaaaama!" It was truly pathetic - sort of a "Sophie's Choice" meets "Problem Child".

As Stink looked on in confusion, I uttered "Oh, Pipsqueak, you're breaking my heart." At which point Stink looked at me and shrieked, "No, Mommy... I don't want her to break your heart." Then he pointed to a medallion hanging off my necklace and added..."See, it's right there. It's not broken!"

An hour earlier, as the rug rats were bathing, I did a few lame lunges in an attempt to exercise again. Stink stopped harrassing his sister with the plastic dolphin to comment "Ooooh, Mommy, are you a kangaroo? A boooouncy kangaroo?"

I had no idea he knew what a kangaroom was, nor what it meant to bounce. At least, at this point in his sweet life, he is still in the dark about what it means to "break hearts".

The first time this kid stops hugging me in front of his too cool for school fifth grade punk friends I really am going to get my heart broken. (Then I'm gonna get him back by jumping up and down like a bouncy kangaroo.)


RisingSlowly said...

Tee hee. A friend of mine was a teacher up in Tokyo. He had an MA and well, one day he saw his reflection in the classroom window[he'd been bouncing around like a kangaroo] and he quit his job, there and then.

K said...

well, that makes my life just pathetic.