Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No Expectations

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Yesterday it was my birthday. The best part about it? All of my friends and family calling, writing, stopping by with little home made cakes and dinners, dinner out with Rex where I stuffed myself silly (it was back to walking and low calories today). I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Well....... one thing.

It would have been super if my husband didn't have to work through my family birthday dinner. It would have been super if his suprise 2 days off to spend with me didn't entail a server blowing up at an office remote location. However, he does the best he can being a young exec on the rise, and I do the best I can to support him. Of course, I give him language any true project manager will understand and it goes like this:

Operation Happy Wifey. Log these five dates into your calendar and you will be promoted to Operation Happy Hubby well into retirement. Stock options? Understanding, smiles, and the occasional reprieve on events you have no control over, like technology going to hell. Fringe benefits? what do you think?

Ladies, it would be fabulous if we all had perfect husbands who would never forget the card on the pillow first thing in the morning, breakfast in bed, and a whole day off while they handle the kids and we get massages. But since those of you who read this blog probably live in the real world, like I do, I suggest you get off Fantasy Island and join me in Reality TV where I made Rex program the following into his Outlook Calendar (along with the reminder: card first thing - gift optional, but full enthusiasm non negotiable)

1. My birthday
2. Valentines Day
3. Mothers Day
4. Christmas
5. Anniversary

A clause exists in our contract where Rex gets extra points for the hollow chocolate rabbit on Easter and an extra helping of stuffing on Thanksgiving, but it's not a deal breaker.

Once again, to quote K, "Life is not an episode of Friends". But with a healthy dose of pragmatism, clear set guidelines, and open communication from all, this society wouldn't have quite so many "Divorce Court" re-runs either.

I thank you, Rex, for working so hard to put a roof over my head. And for doing your best to live with me under it. I really do know how much you love me, but when you are bit remiss in showing it, you always take my subtle hints (ex: "WHAT THE FXXXX?') and make it better year after year. I really do love you.

* Pictured: Due to a very ill Pipsqueak, and a last minute date (on a Tuesday no less) we did the unthinkable and, Microsoft Outlook calander be damned, slid Taco Tuesday to the Wacky Wednesday slot. We had to make some allowances, such as paper plates and no guac, but Rex and I still stomached all contents and, to date, the rugrats show no signs of scurvy. Afterwards, we stuffed ourselves silly with Mrs. V and Toddler J J's cake - which was dropped off as a surprise to me today. Love ya, you wacky mom you!

Final note: With great expectations, I tend to experience a few lows. But today, with no expectations, my husband accompanied me to Beverly Hills and we laughed and laughed over our silly messy dinner table and fabulous family. Go figure.

Or don't.

I say keep those expectations low and have a fabulous evening!


War Bride said...

Happy birthday!!!

Anonamom said...

Just checking in....
My list is:
1. Thanksgiving (if he goes anywhere else - OK, but I'm not.)
2. Anniversary (always go back to the place we were married)

That's it. Along your lines of high expectations, or rather low ones, forget the birthday (sorry Stink, it's a tough one; New Year's, see birthday; Mother's Day & Valentine's - unless it's candy hearts or a school project, no thanks; and Christmas - but for them I'd leave every year.

Now, I'm not all that negative, just not that hopeful about holidays.

Hope to see you soon!