Monday, July 17, 2006

2 for the Road

Today Pipsqueak turned two. She dipped in the elephant pool (in her birthday suit, no less). She dined on Cheerios in front of Dora. She took in a three hour siesta and woke to hugs from Auntie H and Grandma (who brought her pirate toys and a frog chalk board respectively, resplete with colored chalk).

Dinner consisted of Papa coming home from work early to accompany us to McDonalds. Much to her delight, she was greeted by her two cousins and Auntie R. After sliding and climbing it was, indeed, a Happy Meal as the rest of the patrons in the playgym crooned birthday wishes to a runny nosed toddler, frantically licking up her icecream cone as it melted all over her # 2 candle (which Stink had guarded like a groomsmen with the ring, his little mitts patting his chest pocket for good measure to keep it safe until the big song).

After all that commotion, I figured she'd sleep like a baby.

But she's not a baby any longer. She's a firecracking toddler - Pipsqueak to her core. And if the sounds from the Pack N' Play are any indication, her birthday is far from over.

PS: A big thanks to Texas Lizzie for the fabulous dress up kit, resplete with 2 princess costumes, a brides veil, a rabbit hat, two cowboy hats, a tiara taller than she is, a purple genie outfit a la J-Lo, sunglasses, a belly dancing skirt and crop top, a Hawaiin lei, a cel phone, a fairy wand and an engineer's cap. All it was missing was her personal microphone. Again, from the noise coming from her dining room crib, she doesn't need one.

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Teri M. said...

Happy birthday to the Pipsqueak! She is so adorable, and I have no doubt she is quite a chip offa the ol' block (specifically, yours). ;)