Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Body of Work

Here's an interesting site out there for those moms who are dealing with post partum weight - and those of you living in fantasy land about how your bodies are never going to change.

I stole it from this site

While I can't lie and say "I love my body more than I ever did before I had my babies", I can say that I, like these women here, am extremely proud that my six one frame was the oxygen/growth tank for the most precious people on the planet.

That all said, I would watch a Full House marathon before I uploaded my naked body to anybody's blog.


War Bride said...

That site makes me want to...well, not have children. I guess I should enjoy my body while I can, and then exchange it for the joys of motherhood.

Broady said...

A Full House marathon-- yikes. I heard they use epidsodes of Full House and Home Improvement to break prisoners at Abu Graib.