Tuesday, July 25, 2006

And Then God Rested

Today I took Stink to preschool, helped out a friend who is prego with #3 and sick as a dog, picked Stink up, took my mom to the store, re-wrote a letter for my sister, watched Cecelia's baby for a few hours while Rex hung up a 42 inch flat screen and was offered a job on a television show for a 14 week gig.

I'm not comparing myself to God, as God seemed to create the world effortlessly while I am currently running around the house with arm pit sweat obsessing over Stink's new Scooby sheets that smell like cat urine, how we have a television set larger than the big Man himself but haven't taken a vacation in 3 years, and if I accept this 14 week gig and do the manic dance of figuring out child care and back up plans for sick kid days and the inevitable screw up that comes with balancing career with family will my children end up in 14 years of therapy rejecting God and peeing on my five dollar JC Penny close-out sheets and vegged out in front our new television?

All in all, a busy day.


Teri M. said...

And now we see the advantages of being all-powerful.
A 14 week gig? Cool- Hope you can to the Career/Family tango! (shake it, girl, shake it)

Confession? I walk around sniffing the textiles in my house and then asking,"Do you smell cat pee? I think I smell cat pee? I HATE THAT!" And then my spouse gives my second head the stink eye and says,"Uh. No."

Mama P said...

Ha. You are a funny funny gal. Thanks for turning me onto some other very cool blogs. I don't know what I'm doing now. Check into my post later for odd ramblings. Can't wait to read your new stuff.

Teri M. said...

Girl, I've subscribde to you (Bloglines) - I wanted to make sure I never missed a post! :)

Teri M. said...

LOL oops, how about "subscribed"?