Thursday, July 27, 2006

The A B C and Dees of It

Before I sound too much like a hot shot cowgirl in the post below, blaring my pistols and telling MXC to take a hike, let me insert a quick adendum that goes as follows...

Throat clear: Despite all my fabulous girlfriends telling me to take this gig, my cousin Dee listened to me with unwavering patience, took a breath for good measure, then remarked "Are you insane?" She has known me forever. She knows I'm a grass is always greener kind of gal. She knows I want to be out in the work force, but six days a week? That's not for me.

Of course she's right. And it helped me make a hard decision. (Insert the fact that I'm a whiny bitch that with everything going on in the world I should be so lucky to agonize over something that feeds my soul, not feeds my kids.)

In conclusion, I figured I had better post a nod to Dee here - for the world to see (aka: 20 faithful readers) before my cell phone rings off the hook with her on the other end screaming "I'M the one who told you not to take that crazy proposition. If you'd listened to me about marrying your first husband look at how much heartache I would have saved you then, too!" (No offense to J who may or may not read this blog. He was a great guy. I was just in a young, dumb way that makes Brittany Spears look mature. Spelling on Brit? Too exhausted to find out. I'm sure if she can live with that pitch black witch cut she has, you can live with the misspelled name.)

To conclude, Dee is now laughing her ass off, not because this post is particularly funny, but because it's true.

Now she's trying to figure out how to comment.

Now she's going to call her computer tech husband and have him do it for her.

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