Saturday, July 01, 2006

Rescue Hero

A friend came to the rescue today by generously giving up a joint playdate with her child in favor of watching my two rugrats while I take an hour to myself.

I then, in turn, was a rescue hero of sorts myself as I joyfully sorted through fabulous bargains at the Sherman Oaks Goodwill, giving new life to fifty dollars worth of brand name kid clothes to flip and sell. I even picked up a beautiful pair of Gap corduroys for my 3T terror (On that note, he should be sleeping. But is he? Oh, no. No one ever mentioned that the "pitter patter of little feet" is not so cute when they should be resting but the floors above your head are reverberating with thrown sippy cups and dropped trains.)

I am a bit ashamed of myself that instead of rescuing my career with more queries I am spending my time on onesie twosie Ebay items. What do I think I'm going to accomplish (other than a few hundred bucks/month and some fun going through the racks... I really do LOVE it.) My time would be so better served cutting out Ebay and focusing on getting those queries done, because that's tons more cash to then be able to shop or build a better biz for myself.

I am s0metimes no better than my 3 year old: going from thing to thing with sticky fingers and the attention span of a gnat. It's time to focus.

So, on that note, I am taking a blog holiday. I will be writing in one week to let you know of all my fabulous accomplishments writing wise, which will one day get me a fabulous freelance business, which will make me a happier mom with more financial freedom which will give me happier kids (Not that they're not happy. They might not have the latest gadgets on the planet, but they're pretty content little kids.)

Perhaps my lack of posts will inspire some of you readers out there to stop futzing around on the computer and attack your own "to-do" lists.

Of course, if you decide to cheat, go ahead and check me mid-week. I intend to be brave, but like my penchant for Diet Coke, I am a bit of a wimp and will most likely succomb to the blogging machine. Especially if something earth shattering happens, like I get a surprise vacation, some publisher writes me back, or I win a lifetime supply of Pink and White Animal Cookies.

* Pictured: Queen Sophie. I'd call her a princess, but she's such the ultra diva, and so bossy, I don't dare to de-rank her. Yet, despite her assertive disposition, what makes this girl so irresistable is that she's also a major cuddle bug (With her parents. With other people, she won't even look at you. Unless you're wearing sparkly shoes. Then she'll take them off your feet with a reminder "Those are miiiine!") Just last night, as she fell asleep in my arms, I reminded her "Baby, you are the sweetest, smartest kid in the world. I love you so much." I then kissed her. She then looked at me through sleepy eyes, put down her bottle, and remarked, "I love you, too, Mommy....Don't touch me." Like I said, All Hail the Queen.

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Teri M. said...

Oye. A challenge! I take up the gauntlet and shall send out one demo cd everyday. Ya know, if I can figure out where to send them. And if I don't get distracted by the continual clicking of Bloglines. lol kidding. Maybe.

Holy cow, that kid cracks me up. Diva Queen, indeed.