Monday, July 10, 2006

Weighing In - A Poem

Dieting for me is like earthquake erosions
Too little carbs and it's poo poo explosions
I don't mean to be sick, but I have to be honest
Too little calories make me want to vomit
There must be a balance for one and for all
Between Rosie O'Donnell and Kate Beckinsal
I want my kids raised by a woman who's healthy
Whose earnings are small but whose spirit is wealthy
So I aim to find peace with this body of mine
Because it's strong and it's healthy and I'm doing just fine
So screw all the starving - I'll work out (I'm a rookie)
And balance the sweating with some Animal Cookies

PS: Thank you to K, for being so cool
Even with those dumb photos near the elephant pool
And thanks to Kate Dana for still checking in
And making me laugh in my pursuit to be thin
The truth is we never worked side by side in a cube
We talked way too much and our boss made us move!
And finally to Sue, say what you will
But you live in a mansion next to the great Dr. Phil
You're the envy of all of us whacked L.A. mommies
So I'm coming over to swim - look out for tsunamis!!!!!!!!!!!


Teri M. said...

A poetical masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

Does Sue really live next to Dr. Phil?

Move over tsunami, this little surfer is splashin' in with you!

Not really but I am jonesed that I made the poem. YES.


SueShap said...

I would love to have you and the kids come over. My parents are leaving on July 24th. We can find a time to work it out between then and Aug 5th when I go away. Otherwise, I return on Aug. 19th, and we can do it then. I think it would be alot of fun!!

Love you,