Monday, July 31, 2006


The theme of this year's Bible Camp was "Love is Patient, Love is Kind". After carting around 13 toddlers and fearing losing them to the street, I am opting to change its theme to "Love is a Kid Leash, Love is a Plastic Gate". In fact, if the 99cent Store can have computer chips imbedded in their carts to keep them from roaming too far out to the parking lot, I don't see why toddlers can't either. Okay, I'm joking. (Okay, no I'm not.)

I am thankful to Rex who heard all of my antics, then kissed me, did the dishes and put Pip to sleep. He was down right delightful tonite. Almost as delightful as...

This delicious site I found courtesy of Teri M': BrocamonteHome. As soon as I get time to myself I will get a damn blogroll and link it to the left of this site, along with Teri's site.

For all my talk about going to Blogher, I've been reading quite a few of the reviews from various attendees. And while it sounds very informative, if I hear or see one more mommy trying to look like they aren't mommies talking about drinking, other people's shoes, make-up or faaaaabulous hair, I am going to barf. Just hurl right here on my computer screen. It all seems a bit highschool with all the self-linking and tight knit "clicks". (Get it? Clicks? As in computer clicks? As in yes, I am just that dorky, probably why I have yet to be added to someone's link list.) Of course when I'm done barfing and wiping the sweat off my brow from herding 13 toddlers through Bible Camp, I'll start thinking of ways to save to go next year. I'll be the one with the "I Love Geeks" shirt in the corner, calling Rex and crying into the phone about how much I miss Pip N Stink. Who doesn't love a party, and I can bullshit with the rest of 'em baby!

I will leave you with a quote from Brocante Home - much more my speed than Blogher. I wish you a lovely eve full biscuits, cozy blankets, mommies, babies, and of course, a spot of tea.

"Welcome To BrocanteHome. BrocanteHome is about creating a simpler way of life: a life that celebrates simplicity, authenticity and whimsy. If you are a Vintage Girl, with a scrummy house, too much laundry and a child (or two) attached to your ankles, then BrocanteHome is for you. Everyday, you will find the pick of the best Vintage Lifestyle sites, books and all manner of other lovely things. On our journey together, I will help you to create a Vintage Housework ritual designed to give you the peace of mind required to create a life that reflects both who you are and who you want to be. And of course, you will accompany me on my own path to authenticity, from the highest highs to cosy, chocolate fuelled afternoons and sleepless nights, courtesy of the cutest one year old little boy alive.
You hold my hand and I will hold yours."

PS: If these Blogher chicks can self-link, then I can too. And it goes like this. THANK YOU MRS. V! You have suuuuuuch great tennis shoes! I just looooooooved that you showed up and kept me from singing "Our Father, Who Art in Starbucks, Hallowed by Thy Cappucinos!" You have such glossy thick hair! Too bad it was pulled on by a zillion toddlers and one crazed mommy (that would be me.) You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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Teri M. said...

Girl, you should be considered for sainthood when the time comes. 13 toddlers? Ack!

Isn't Alison's site just the most fabulous? She's going through some pretty tough times right now, but she finds comfort in her "Vintage Housekeeper" routines. I always feel motivated after perusing her site. And she finds the greatest websites.

Hey, let me know if ya want me to shoot you a "link" lesson. If I can do it, you can do it!