Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Love Women

And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Let me name the top 10 gals this week who caused this post to exist:

1. My sister-in-law, K: She has an idea to actually take our talents, stop bitching, and start an internet idea. Wow, and stop being rejected by queries and entertainment execs? I'm not sure if I could deal.

2. My cousin, D, who turns 36 today. Not only does this 4'9 diva make me laugh on a regular basis, she sends my kids maps of Disneyland, reminds me that she's old, too (references to PSA airline), and makes references to my deceased father that remind me of his generous and jovial spirit: "It is indeed a beautiful sauce... Are you having relations with that man? Now, pass me a dietetic soda." (You had to know my father.)

3. Mama P Light: She keeps me going on the queries, reminding me I'm gonna make it happen soon. She also took my Ebay advice and opened up her own rocking' plus size store. She's only 95 pounds, which makes this not only ironic, but inspiring that business happens when you make it happen, regardless of the product.

4. Mrs. V: She not only is going to volunteer with me this summer and next year at my kids' church school just for the hell of it, but she lets me use her pool, doesn't make cracks about my white ass legs and brought little Pipsqueak a doll, a bottle and a stroller today.

5. My mom: I had a rough week without Rex, and she showed up three days in a row just to have coffee and talk about things other than poo poo, Scooby Snacks and why ice is a solid and water is a liquid. Stink: "But when you lick ice it gets wet. That's liquid, right?" Ah, yeah. And so is tequila. My mom keeps me off it.

6. My sister, L: Even last week when she was going through a rough break up with her boyfriend, she sat on my couch and reminded me what a great mom I am, how nice I looked, and delicious my tacos were. I think she even believed the first two, God bless her.

7. My sister, R: She takes my kids for two hours each Saturday so I can slurp down a coffee, do some story research, or get half a hair cut. She has kids close in age to mine, so she's always game for a McDonald's play area, a jaunt through Costco or a last minute Diet Coke over chips and salsa.

8. Topanga T: Even though she got hit by a mac truck last month (no joke) she still had time to pick up the Muppets on DVD for my rug rats.

9. Texas Lizzie: Even though she's two thousand miles away, she never forgets a birthday, to ask about my kids or just call to chat about the mood in her house when the Longhorns lose.

10. Cecelia: She's got a six week old and she still makes time to read this damn blog and set times to hang out.

There's countless other gals who come up to the plate to make my life not just livable, but downright enjoyable (Like Kar, who is watching my kids Saturday night - thanks again.) And of course, Kate, Teri M, anyone who reads this daily rambling - thanks.

Man, just one day and I don't hate everybody anymore. Maybe if I were a cynic I'd be more successful. But then I wouldn't have time for all these fabulous gals in my life.

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Teri M. said...

I heart MamaP! :)